Here’s Why Kanye West Reportedly Dropped Out of Coachella

Kanye West was originally slated to be one of the headliners at the 2019 Caochella Music Festival, but days before the lineup was to be announced, he abruptly dropped out.

The 41-year-old rapper was supposed to close out the festival in the Sunday night slot, but he reportedly didn’t want to perform on the main stage.

Kanye wanted a giant, custom-built dome to be constructed in the middle of the festival grounds, according to Billboard. He was going to design it with his set designer John McGuire.

Goldenvoice, the parent company of Coachella, reportedly told Kanye that it would be impossible to build the stage in time and they would have to rearrange the festival grounds to accommodate the new stage.

Coachella then reached out to Ariana Grande to have her headline on Sunday instead and now she’s making history as the youngest female artist to headline the festival!

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