Richard Osman: Pointless host addresses future of BBC show after fan ‘panic’

A Twitter user appeared to be worried about the future of Pointless after Richard Osman, 48, and Alexander Armstrong, 49, recently fronted Pointless: The Good, The Bad and The Bloopers to celebrate 10 years of the show. Richard encouraged his 772,000 Twitter fans to tune into the programme, saying: “Special, very silly, Pointless clip show on Saturday, called ‘The Good, The Bad and The Bloopers’. I wanted to call it ‘Ten Years Of Pointless – It Seems Longer’, but they wouldn’t let me. Either way it’s a lot of fun.” One social media user commented: “Oh thank god! Or you & Xander.

We’re about to record another 220 episodes, so don’t panic!

Richard Osman

“My 13 yr old is obsessed with Pointless & has watch all of the episodes so often that I now know what various contestants do for a living. Or what they’d spend the jackpot on (shed, anyone?)

“Please make more episodes. For the sake of my sanity!”(sic)

Richard convinced the Pointless fan there will be more episodes come as he replied: “We’re about to record another 220 episodes, so don’t panic!”

Richard also reacted to a fan who shared his thoughts on how the show could improve.

They wrote: “Need to get that prize fund up! A grand for all that effort. The Chase is where it’s at for the cash.”

The host jokingly replied: “It’s your money though.”

Another suggested: “A kids’ version of Pointless?? That would be a fun series!”

A fourth commented: “Thank you for giving us so much to enjoy :)”

Elsewhere, Richard recently revealed what he really thinks of his TV sidekick Alexander.

The presenter said, despite the pair working together for 18 series, they have never clashed.

At first he joked: “I’m a very patient man. He’s a very difficult man. He has drinking issues.

“That’s the problem with him – he gets very angry, a lot.”

But putting joking to one side, he added to Radio Times: “We’ve known each other a long time. I love him.

“We’ve never, in 1,400 episodes or however many we’ve done, had a falling out.

“He’s so enthusiastic about everything, which is great.”

Pointless airs weekdays at 5.10pm on BBC One.

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