Ariana Grande Tweeted and Deleted as Soon as Cardi B Won Her Grammy

Even though Cardi B was the first woman to ever win Best Rap Album as a solo artist, one person isn’t feeling the love. Ariana Grande, whose ex-boyfriend Mac Miller was also up for the award with his album, Swimming, posted two very strongly worded tweets as soon as Cardi was announced — and then immediately deleted them. One said “fuck” and the other read “literal bullshit.”

It wasn’t all that Grande wrote. When fans started to call her out for her inexplicable tweets, she had to explain herself. Those tweets go the same treatment, disappearing into the internet ether the same way the other two did. Refinery29 has the screencaps, however. In response to one fan, Grande said that her tweets weren’t a direct attack at Cardi herself. 

“Had nothing to do w her,” Grande tweeted. “Good for her. I promise. I’m sorry.”

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Another tweet addressed Miller’s family, who had been invited to the ceremony tonight, only to have Swimming lose to Invasion of Privacy. “This. This is what I meant. Karen was gonna have a green suit made,” she wrote, referencing Miller’s mother, Karen Meyers. One last tweet read, “he slept in the studio for two months.” All three of the tweets have since been deleted and Grande hasn’t offered any further explanation.

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