Every Reason Twitter Freaked Out During the 2019 Oscars (Updating Live)

Every moment that is delighting — or infuriating — Oscars viewers at home.

It was all Oscars all day on Sunday as the Academy Awards took over Twitter well before the show began. From red carpet looks to monumental wins and all those unsung moments in between, the social media platform didn’t miss a beat.

Billy Porter certainly turned heads with his one-of-a-kind red carpet look, while Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler delivered the rapid-fire version of what would have been their monologue had they been the show’s hosts. But they weren’t, as they reminded us several times.

There were huge moments on the stage (Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry slayed their presenter opportunity) and just shy of it, as when Chris Evans graciously helped Best Supporting Actress winner Regina King to the stage.

Just like our winner’s list, we’ll be updating this live throughout the night.

Chris Evans Wins Best at Supporting Actress

Regina King won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in "If Beale Street Could Talk," but it was Chris Evans who won the award for Best at Supporting Actress for his gracious and gentlemanly assist. The "Avengers" star quickly hopped out of his seat as it looked like King’s shoe was caught in her dress even as she was trying to stand up. Luckily, she was already in the front row, but he stayed with her until he was sure she was good, then allowing her to enjoy her well-deserved Oscar moment.

Billy Porter Owns the Red Carpet

Billy Porter got everyone’s attention by defying traditional men’s fashion with a bold Christian Siriano tuxedo dress. This awards season has been highlighted by fashion-forward men stepping beyond the boundaries of the limited choices most men face in high fashion. The cast of "Black Panther" has been pushing those lines all year long, but Porter’s bold choice here practically shatters the fashion ceiling for men and says that men’s fashion might just be worth paying as much attention to as who the women are wearing.

Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry Redefine Fashion

Did you know that true fashion includes small rabbits on the train of your dress and an adorable bunny puppet? Well, you do now if you were lucky enough to see Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry come out as the best-dressed presenters of the night. McCarthy showed up in a pantsuit on the red carpet but she put the extra on extra with a quick change into this wild ensemble. And Brian Tyree Henry was every bit as over-the-top with his look, but the hand puppet just stole all the attention away from him, as did McCarthy’s fierce expression.

Marvel Studios Scores First-Ever Oscars

There have been 20 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date, the most successful film franchise of all time. And yet, since 2008 these films had not won a single Oscar among them. All of that changed quickly on Sunday night as "Black Panther" took home three awards, for Best Production Design (Hannah Beachler), Best Costume Design (Ruth Carter) and Best Score (Ludwig Göransson). On top of that momentous achievement, it’s a huge moment for representation as Carter and Beachler are only the second and third black women to win Oscars outside of the acting categories. "Black Panther" is clearly still breaking ground for diversity.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s Intimate Performance

In a unique moment in Oscars history, two acting nominees rose from their seats in the front row to take the stage and perform the nominated song from their film. It was the perfect way to set the stage, literally, as Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper invited everyone into their beautiful kinship that grew through the making of "A Star Is Born." The energy was palpable and Twitter was immediately moved to tears, with some of them thinking maybe that tension was a little too sexual. And it wasn’t much longer that that breakout performance proved it wasn’t just a fluke, as Gaga took home her first Oscar for Best Original Song.

Spike Lee Finally Wins

Honorary Oscars are nice, but there’s nothing like winning one outright, and that’s finally what happened for Spike Lee when the director won Best Adapted Screenplay, alongside fellow screenwriters Kevin Willmott, David Rabinowitz, and Charlie Wachtel. The director was so excited he literally jumped into the arms of longtime friend and presenter Samuel L. Jackson, who gave a wrestling-quality shoutout to Lee’s name when announcing his win. To say there was a lot of energy in the air would be a huge understatement. And he used his platform to push forward the important conversations that need to be happening, even urging viewers and voters to "do the right thing" in 2020.

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