Fox runs rampage in kitchen of family home and leaves blood smeared over walls

Blood is smeared over the walls and floors.

Broken pots and shards of glass litter the room.

It looks like the scene of a violent crime, but this is the aftermath of a raid by a fox.

Homeowner Malcolm Gerrard said: “I thought we were being burgled when I heard this huge crash. When I got downstairs it genuinely looked like a murder scene. It was chaos.

“Plates were smashing all over the place and he kept sliding off the kitchen counter.”

The fox – which got in through the back door – had cut itself on broken glass.

“The poor thing was so scared it had urinated everywhere,” said Malcolm. “I managed to stop him running into my computer and got a bite for my troubles.

"It was just a puncture but he had sharp little teeth and it drew blood.”

Malcolm, 38, called the RSPCA who caught the fox after 25 minutes and took it to a vet.

Malcolm and partner Katie Hayward, 38, spent five hours clearing up and disinfecting.

“I might even have to redecorate,” added painter and decorator Malcolm, who needed a tetanus jab and antibiotics.

He hopes insurance will cover the £500 of damage to their home in Ryde, Isle of Wight.

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