Hilarious snaps from people who’ve received ‘considerate’ gifts

They REALLY shouldn’t have! Hilarious snaps reveal the questionable gifts people would rather NOT have received

  • A new online gallery rounded up the funniest ‘considerate’ gifts received 
  • Many shared snaps of sarcastic gifts given after asking for specific items
  • A woman who asked for a Coach bag received a bag with a photo of a coach on
  • Another received a crumb after not specifying what size pancake she wanted  

It’s good manners to be appreciative when someone does you a favour or gives you a gift, but the recipients of these gestures could be forgiven for being less than grateful. 

A hilarious online gallery collated on GoSocial.co features snaps from people around the world who’ve received gifts from people whose good intentions seem questionable.

In one instance, a vegan woman was given a banana as a birthday cake from her work colleagues.

Another person celebrating their 21st birthday was handed a card from their sibling pointing out how much Steve Jobs and Joan Of Arc had achieved by the same age. 

And a student was left red-faced when he asked his dad to drop some of his belongings at school – and he obliged by putting them in a bright pink Victoria’s Secret shopping bag. 

GoSocial.co has compiled a gallery of the questionable gestures that left people from around the world feeling rather ungrateful, including a vegan woman who was given a banana to celebrate her birthday instead of a cake 

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A man who was celebrating his 21st birthday received a card comparing his accomplishments to those of Joan of Arc, Jane Austin and Steve Jobs 

Not a glowing endorsement for being a dad! One person was given a slice of Father’s Day cake cut to awkwardly read ‘Ha Fat’ 

At least he tried! Another individual received a letter from their son at camp containing just one sentence 

Better late than never: A New York woman whose lost driving license was returned in the post, was surprised to see an accompanying letter detailing that it had been used as ID

One boy was made to feel uncomfortable when his father bought his items to school in a bag from Victoria’s Secret

That takes the cake! Another person was shocked to see the graduation cake they ordered had a drawing of cat instead of a cap on 

A woman who was given a Valentine’s card was no doubt disappointed to find out that it was from her brother – and he was forced to make it by their mother 

One man gave his younger sister a crumb after she refused to specify the exact size she wanted for her pancakes

Another man from the US was given a giant cheque on his graduation day from his dad for the value of $4

An individual celebrating their 18th birthday received a packet of batteries without a gift from their sibling 

One husband surprised his wife with a bag featuring a photo of a coach instead of an accessory from the luxury Coach brand 

Another person was given a handwritten apology letter complete with an explanation for why half the cookies that were suppose to go with the note were missing

A man who had to go work on Thanksgiving came home to discover his sibling had left behind only a crumb from each part of the dinner

One woman struggled to hide her disappointment when her boyfriend reinterpreted her request for a golden retriever

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