Body cam video shows moments before NYPD baton beatdown

New body cam video obtained by the Post Saturday shows the tense exchange between cops and two men that erupted into an all-out street brawl in Washington Heights this week.

The minute-and-a-half-long clip shows Aaron Grissom, 36, and Sydney Williams, 37, jawing with cops in front of the 168th Street 1 train station Tuesday afternoon.

“You’re supposed to be 100 feet away,” one of the officers instructs, pointing a baton, as Williams stands close to him.

Williams backs away slightly, but then Grissom says, “Thank you, shut the f–k up,” the video shows.

One of the officers walks up to Grissom, who then appears to aggressively raise his arm, but doesn’t strike the officer. Then the cop punches him on the side of the face, and the two start grappling on the sidewalk — before the fracas spills onto the street, the video shows.

Williams is shown yelling, “Why you hit him for?”

At one point, the cop wearing the body cam starts tussling with at least one of the men.

On Friday, Police Commissioner James O’Neill defended the officers’ actions.

“That day, they were approached and were told that there were people on the stairways harassing passengers,” O’Neill said. “The two police officers went and they told them that they couldn’t be there and it started. One of the cops made a decision to arrest Mr. Grissom and Mr. Williams, and Mr. Grissom decided he was gonna punch a cop.”

After Tuesday’s incident, both Williams and Grissom were arrested and hit with felony assault, resisting arrest, menacing, disorderly conduct and loitering charges, police said at the time.

But the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office only sought charges against Grissom, for felony assault, and released him without bail.

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