Jeremy Corbyn almost 'bankrupted' his own young family so can’t be trusted with the UK's finances, book claims

A bombshell new book tells of how the hard-left MP almost had his house repossessed in 1996 and was £30,000 in debt after splashing his earnings on a socialist community centre.

Investigative journalist and author of the book Tom Bower revealed that Mr Corbyn’s financial mismanagement left his then-wife Claudia and three young sons with “little money even to buy food and clothes”.

Claudia, Mr Corbyn’s second wife, said: “We can’t afford a decent life.”

Mr Bower, whose book was serialised in the Mail on Sunday yesterday, claimed the cause of Mr Corbyn’s debt was the money he spent on the Red Rose Community Centre in his north Islington constituency.

Mr Corbyn paid its rent and some staff salaries out of his own pocket, according to Mr Bower’s investigations.

But the MP also owed “a large sum” to HMRC for his employees’ unpaid National Insurance and pension contributions, the book found.

Responding to the alarming revelations of Mr Corbyn’s personal financial mismanagement, a senior Labour MP told The Sun last night: “How can Jeremy Corbyn be expected to run the nation’s finances if he can’t even manage his own?

“If that’s how he treated his own family – imagine what he would do to the country.

"This man should never become Prime Minister.”


  • Mr Corbyn secretly backed Brexit and allowed his closest allies to vote Leave
  • He “inspired attacks” on Jewish Labour MPs and failed to stop the wave of abuse
  • The Labour boss appointed John McDonnell to be his attack dog who would “do all the scary stuff”
  • Mr Corbyn supports open borders and believes all immigration controls are racist
  • He called allies to discuss Northern Ireland while his wife was giving birth to their first child
  • Despite being a vegetarian for decades, Mr Corbyn ate meat during a dinner with Fidel Castro

Mr Bower said Mr Corbyn’s obsession with left-wing politics was so intense that it repeatedly took priority over the well-being of his family.

He reportedly called Mr Veness to talk about Northern Ireland policy – as his second wife Claudia was giving birth.

His friend blasted: “Haven’t you got something more serious to worry about? You’re about to be a father!”

A Labour spokesman said: “Tom Bower’s poorly researched and tawdry hatchet job is packed with obvious falsehoods and laughable claims: from events that never took place to invented conversations and elementary errors of fact.”


We know Jeremy Corbyn’s politics are potty, potentially leading us to a similar economic ruin to that inflicted on long-suffering Venezuelans.

Jeremy Corbyn’s politics are potty, but it's his personality that truly condemns him – he's not up to the top job

But it’s his personality that truly condemns him.

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