Okanagan weather: Snowy start to the week

After a light layer of snow fell Sunday night into Monday morning, temperatures dove back toward -19 to start the week in the Central Okanagan.

Minus twenty-five degrees is what it felt like with wind chill as you were heading out in the morning with sunshine poking through the clouds as temperatures headed toward minus single digits before noon.

Sunshine kicks in even stronger during the afternoon, helping heat the region up into minus single digits by a few degrees to finish the day.

Clouds quickly return during the evening, followed by snow as the next system swings ashore and pushes moisture into the interior.

Snow continues into the day on Tuesday with 3 to 7 centimetres possible by late in the day when it eases off.

3 to 7 centimetres of snow is possible in the Central Okanagan by mid-week.

Temperatures will swing up from minus double digits to around -7 degrees or so during the day before slipping into the minus teens into Wednesday morning.

Some clouds will start the day on Wednesday before skies start to clear by midday as the mercury climbs up a bit further to -5.

Clear skies will bring in a cool start to the day on Thursday with temperatures back in the minus teens, but clouds will return with snow later in the day, with the risk lasting from Friday to Saturday as well.

This moisture-latent system system will sit just off Vancouver Island and will kick in some milder air with daytime highs climbing from -3 on Thursday to around the freezing mark Friday and into the weekend.

Unfortunately, if you’re a warm-air lover, the mild air will gradually slide away during the second half of the weekend and into early next week.

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