10 Fabulous Ways To Celebrate Turning 60

Any birthday should be a cause for celebration, anyone that manages to perform the simple act of breathing in and out in-between the additional acts of sleeping and stuffing their face with McDonald’s breakfast should be given the Nobel prize in the category of SURVIVAL. Outside of the standard milestones of 10,18, 21, 30 and 50, hitting the big 60 is a milestone that depressingly few people these days make it to.

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As 60 arrives over the horizon for those at 59, or maybe those that really like to plan ahead, here are some suggestions on what to do upon hitting 60.

10 Get INK’D

Nothing says that they’ve passed the point of no return in age and adventurism than having a tattoo. Tattoos are billboards for the body, they can be statements, sayings, pictures, poems or memories. Tattoos can be milestones depicted on the flesh, someone’s 60th birthday in the form of ‘THE BIG 60’ wouldn’t be the worst tattoo in human history in terms of a milestone.

It takes courage and imagination to have a tattoo, it requires time to think about what to have permanently scratched into the skin for the rest of life. Getting inked could be exciting and a little thrilling to those that want to say something but believe that mere words cannot express the idea well enough.

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9 Renew Wedding Vows

If sharing the big 60 with a spouse and celebrating a milestone in years together and having a birthday celebration, it is not uncommon to renew wedding vows too. It’s more common than believed in fact, to yet again declare to the world the passion between two lovers as they reach an age within their lives when it’s unlikely to change.

To say them again, to relive such an important moment can be ideal for those that want to make the moment of their 60th not just about them, but the person that’s stood by them through thick and thin. A romantic gesture to beat out all others.

8 Take a Cruise

Take some time away, hop on a ship and head to where the fun or the sun is. There’s no better excuse for wanting to take a break from the poor weather and uncomfortable political atmosphere of home than celebrating the 60th birthday.

Cruises were built for those kinds of people, those that want to get on a ship and float thousands of miles away from the drama with wine and an apricot bikini in-hand. It couldn’t sound more perfect for those that really want to get away from it all. The world is the play-thing of the adventurous. Now go be adventurous.

7 Have a Gigantic Family Party

Celebrate the big day with friends, family, workmates and old dates. Take a moment to bring together the people that mean the most to you and use the occasion of this birthday milestone to celebrate love, loss, ups and downs, life and the continuation of it. Parties can be just as much about the people in attendance than its host.

A conference room of a hotel, a rentable mansion in the Caribbean, there are many places to set up a party in style. Use the space to display a life-well-spent, from birth to the present day. Come in costume, come with gifts, request the best of the decades that were conquered by such an incredible presence such as the birthday boy/girl.

6 Barn-Dance the night away

This is an American pastime that seems to have spread its wings across the pond to the very places that shouldn’t get cowboys and ranchers but for some reason does. If the birthday girl/boy is a fan of the wild-west movies of John Wayne, country-music artists like Willie Nelson and the vast stretches of the desert wastes, then having a barn-dance celebration party might be the perfect way of combining all of their loves in one fun activity.

Get the whole family involved with this fun yet bizarre evening activity, grab a horse, grab a checkered shirt and yell out a ‘Yeeeee-Hawwwwww.’

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5 Skydive, Why Not?

No-one wants to play it safe when it comes to celebrations, especially when it’s a milestone as important as a 50th or a 60th. Some choose to be forever boring and those are the ones that don’t deserve all the nice things, instead, those that choose to put in the effort and seek the thrills are the people that live life to its full extent.

Skydiving is one such activity that sounds scary (and is) but is safe enough with the right guides and equipment to be that thrill-seeking, once-in-a-lifetime thing that can be bragged about in old-folks homes and at Xmas for the next three decades. Shine on you crazy diamond.

4 Go To A Rock Concert

There are plenty of other non-life threatening things that can be done for a 60th if there are people that dislike the idea of being thrown out of a plane several thousand feet in the air.

There are of course shows and concerts that can be attended instead. Any lover of music or theatre can enjoy going to see an act from a group that is still kicking around. Concerts are a great way of revisiting a point in a life past that can be looked on positively and can help remind a person of a youth well lived. Shows are often more expensive now though, keep that in mind.

3 Get Hitched!

Why not tie the knot during a 60th celebration? It’s been done before. This is an idea for the romantics in the crowd. Those that enjoy sweeping their lovers off their feet and reminding them of their love for them in ways that a simple card cannot display. When in the latter part of life, why not (if not done already) make that promise, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for the rest of your days together.

It’s a fantastic way to spend not only a 60th but a 70th, 80th and maybe even a 90th, with the person that’s been there through thick and thin.

2 Go Shopping

Nothing makes a person feels as good as when they are shopping, especially if it’s in relation to something important like a birthday. Birthday shopping, no matter the age can be an exciting and entertaining way to spend time with friends and family as well as getting a treat that has been well-deserved.

Visit new places with new stores, go to places that are found in memories, places old or new, taking a day to focus on the material and being self-focused can be just as good as a spa day. So get out that wallet and or purse and get shopping.

1 Drive A Sports Car

Returning back to the thrill-seekers for just a moment, there are other activities that can get that old heart a-pumping. Jumping out of a plane is cool and definitely something worth doing if it’s the kind of thing that excites, but why not consider hiring out a race-car? Yes, a race-car.

Test driving the latest super sports car or a retired formula one vehicle for an afternoon can be an incredible and unique way to spend a 60th birthday. Or simply rent that exotic sports car you’ve always wanted to drive and enjoy it for the day (without the expensive upkeep). If it’s a grease-head that’s celebrating their birthday, this is someone that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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