10 Most Expensive Buildings Ever Built In The USA

America is the land of the free and home to some of the most expensive structures on the planet. Trust Americans to be the ones to spend outrageous amounts of money on constructing the tallest and the most extravagant buildings that they can manage. With costs that can range from the high millions to the highest billions of dollars, to visit one of these places (providing you can get through security) would be a visual treat and a reminder that sometimes the USA has the nicest things for a reason.

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Let’s take a look at 10 of the most expensive of these buildings together and how much each building cost to construct. Some costs are adjusted for inflation.

10 Trump Tower, New York ($300 Million)

How can we have a list of super-expensive American buildings without mentioning one of President Trump’s buildings? The Trump International Hotel and Tower, located in New York, New York, isn’t even the most expensive Trump building in existence, but it is the most expensive American Trump building on this list.

Costing a whopping $300 million, the Trump Tower started construction in 1983. Not only does this building have an interesting history with the man to whom it’s named after. The building is 56 stories tall and is a mix of business and residential properties. Since Trump’s election, the building has become something of a fortress because of security concerns.

9 Millennium Tower ($350 Million)

Moving on to San Francisco, California now, home of the Millennium Tower. This Tower is an odd creature, its name would imply that it’s related to the calendric milestone of the year 2000, however construction of this building started in 2013, so it’s off a bit if that was the intention.

Sporting 58 stories and looking pretty fine as far as cool structures go, the Tower isn’t even the tallest or prettiest building in San Francisco. It cost $350 million to build. However, the building is currently sinking, and the lawyers are the only people making money as residents of the luxury condos are suing everyone involved. The current plan to fix the problem could cost an additional $350 million.

8 The Comcast Center ($435 Million)

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The Comcast Center created by the Comcast Corporation, which is where their company operates its HQ from. The Comcast Center is surprisingly not covered from its ground floor to its 58th floor in Philly Cheesesteak topping, instead choosing to have one of the world’s largest LCD screens displayed, a tourist spot for sure.

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The building started construction in 2005 and was completed in 2008, and much like many of the other buildings on this list cost an absolutely ridiculous $435 million dollars to build. It is currently the tallest building in Philadelphia.

7 Rush Hospital Tower, Chicago ($500Million Adj.)

Construction on this Windy City structure was finished in 2014. It is shaped like a butterfly and is 14 stories tall. The hospital is a teaching hospital connected to Rush University and offers 664 patient beds for a mix of adults and children.

The hospital includes treatment facilities, x-ray, and other diagnostic departments, 60 emergency room pods capable of holding two patients each, 42 operating rooms, six ambulance bays, and ten delivery rooms. It also includes the Johnston R. Bowman Health Center. At only 252 feet tall, it covers a massive 846,678 square feet of space and in today’s money, the cost measures out to $500 million dollars.

6 Porsche Design Tower ($560 Million)

Gotta go fast,” that’s the motto of the Porsche company. Well not really, that’s Sonic the Hedgehog’s motto, but they both go fast, and that’s the point. Located in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, the Porsche Design Tower started construction in 2014.

Finishing construction in 2017, the building was designed by Sieger Suarez Architects (The designers of several other Florida buildings such as the Muse). Costing $560 million, the building has a few notable features for such a comparatively small building budget. One of the more interesting features of the tower is its ASP parking system, an Automated Multi-Story system designed to minimize car storage. Resident’s cars are taken to their homes via elevators.

5 The New York Times Tower ($850 Million)

We’ll start with the New York Times Tower, the location of the newspaper giant. The Tower started construction in 2003 and was completed in 2007. The 52 story building was designed by Fxfowle Architects and constructed by AMEC Construction Management.

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The cost? $850 million. The Tower’s design features include several gigantic gardens from the lobby to the roof, especially the roof. The Tower’s design is widely recognized as excellent and for its design, and it won the 2009 architectural award by the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

4 Bank of America Tower ($1 Billion)

The Bank of America Tower is located in (where else but) NYC. The Bank of America Tower started construction way back in 2004 and was designed to be environmentally friendly. This was done by constructing the building with features such as insulated glazing and automated dimming systems.

The building’s construction was completed in 2009 and stands as New York’s fourth-tallest building, just below such structures as the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center mentioned previously. The cost of such a building, with all of its environmentally friendly features, puts the bill at an even $1 billion dollars, an amount that only Dr. Evil would see and raise a finger in glee at.

3 The Palazzo ($1.9 Billion)

Coming to Vegas we find ourselves talking about one of the most famous buildings on this list, the Palazzo. The Luxury Hotel and Casino has been featured in many films and shows because of its iconic appearance, from the Ocean’s movies to the Wheel of Fortune, the resort has had some screen time compared to its competing casinos.

The Palazzo started construction in 2004, with construction completed in 2007. It cost $1.9 billion to build, and it shows. The Palazzo’s known as one of the biggest hotels in the world, coming second only to the First World Hotel in Malaysia. If you’re in Vegas for Hangover-esque shenanigans or an all-female heist, visit the Palazzo while you’re there.

2 Wynn Las Vegas ($2.7 Billion)

Enter stage right, the world’s seventh-largest hotel, the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel, and Casino. The Hotel itself has over 45 stories, fitting in 2,716 rooms in that space. Costing $2.7 billion to complete, the Wynn Hotel and Casino has many notable features that make it an interesting place to visit.

From a convention center, a golf course, a shopping center, and a theater, it’s got a little something for everyone.

1 The One World Trade Center ($3.8 Billion)

Not to be confused with the two World Trade Center Towers that were attacked during the events of 9/11, The One World Trade Center is a similar but different building located in New York, New York.

The construction of One World Trade Center started way back in 2006 and was designed by architect David Childs. Construction was completed in 2014 and cost $3.8 billion dollars to build. For that much money, you’d want the building to stand out and be noticed, and with 104 stories and absolutely stunning design, it has the title of America’s tallest building (at the time of writing).

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