10 Most Expensive Pet Snakes

Some people like to have pet cats, some people like dogs, some like birds, and then there’s some who like to keep reptiles, such as snakes, as pets. Snake collecting is actually a popular and lucrative avenue for enthusiasts. Many fear snakes, but in reality, they’re not much different from other animals.

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All living beings are capable of harm or love, depending on how they are cared for. Perhaps snakes need more preparation than a dog or cat, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less valid as a pet! However, like other exotic animals, snakes can be extremely pricey. Here are some of the most expensive snakes you can buy.

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10 Black-Headed Python – $1,000

These snakes are native to Australia and they are a rarity. Because of how hard it is to find these particular pythons, they tend to be between $900 and $1k in price if you’re lucky enough to find someone selling them. Black-headed pythons got their name from their appearance.

Their heads are totally black while the rest of their bodies can vary in color from cream to brown and various other shades in between. Sometimes they even have pink scales. For the most part, these pythons are docile. They typically eat other reptiles, even other snakes, and sometimes mammals.

9 Angolan Python – $1,000

Angolan pythons are similar in appearance to ball pythons but they are much more active than their ball python cousins. These beautiful, rare snakes are from Southern Africa and they are typically mild-mannered in addition to being nonvenomous. Because of their rarity, these snakes can fetch a high price from pet owners.

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These snakes are hard to find in captivity. They can reach up to six feet in length and they’re reddish-brown in color. While not as expensive as other snakes on this list, they can still cost several hundred dollars, sometimes even more than $1k.

8 Boelen’s Python – $3,500

It is very difficult to care for Boelen’s pythons because they were not born in captivity. They come from the mountains of New Guinea and are extraordinarily rare, which makes them very valuable to avid snake collectors. Breeding of the snakes is also rare. Because of the uncommon nature of these snakes, they can be sold for up $3,500, sometimes more.

For the most part, this breed is shy and not likely to bite unless they feel startled or threatened. However, their docile nature should not be overlooked because these pythons are capable of inflicting serious injury if pushed to that point.

7 Palmetto Corn Snake – $4,000

Corn snakes are great beginner pets for new snake owners. They are fairly docile creatures and typically don’t cause much of an issue. They typically reach full-grown status within two or three years of owning them. Even though the palmetto corn snake looks similar to a copperhead, they’re not venomous.

Palmettos are the rarest of corn snakes because of their lack of pigmentation. They’re mostly white with random red and black spots scattered across their length. Corn snakes are known as rat snakes and they typically feed through constriction, but they aren’t known to be harmful to humans. Due to their rarity, they can cost up to $4,000.

6 Striped Ball Python – $5,000

The striped ball python is one of the rarest snakes in the world. Bob Clark, one of the most prodigious snake breeders, is perhaps best known for raising these snakes. The ball python is a great pet snake as it is relatively mild-mannered. The reason the striped ball python is worth so much money is because of its special breeding.

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It is recognizable by the thick yellow stripe that runs along its body. Typically the cost of one of these snakes is somewhere in the $5k range. If you’re looking to get a scaly friend instead of a furry one, you might want to go with a cheaper one than this to get started.

5 Monsoon Ball Python – $15,000

The monsoon ball python is a morph of the standard ball python breed. They’re exceptionally pretty and a female can be worth up to $15k. The males tend to be worth a little bit less money, but they can still go for several thousand dollars. These snakes were first successfully bred in 2015 and they still net a pretty penny, mainly because of their mottled skin and blended color.

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Dave Green Reptiles, located in Phoenix, Arizona, is where the first monsoon ball python was bred. A small-time breeder is behind popularizing these creatures. As for how these snakes were bred, it was with Mojave breeding and a pastel snake.

4 Leucistic Ball Python – $15,000

The different types of ball pythons make up several of the snakes on this list because ball pythons are very popular pet snakes. Their variations, genetic mutations, and differing sub-species are what makes certain types of ball pythons so extraordinarily expensive. The leucistic ball python is known for its distinctive white, or pale, coloring.

It should be noted that leucism is not the same thing as albinism. When it comes to leucism, the eyes are not red as with albinism. It is a lack of multiple layers of pigmentation. A leucistic ball python is rumored to be as expensive as $15k.

3 Sunset Ball Python – $25,000

Ball pythons are notable for being extremely popular snake pets. But the standard ball python is relatively cheap as compared to the snakes with morphs. A morph is just a snake with a different genetic make-up than the standard snake. They happen in many different snake breeds. A morph can be created by breeding certain snakes with each other, but occasionally they occur naturally.

The sunset ball python is known for its burnt sienna coloring and is notable for being bred by Brian Barczyk of BHB Reptiles. This snake, because of its magnificent coloring, can be purchased for up to $25k in various snake markets.

2 Reticulated Python – $25,000

Reticulated pythons aren’t a typical pet for snake owners. They are actually quite deadly to humans. There have been several reported, extreme cases of these pythons swallowing humans whole.

Bob Clark, a famous expensive snake breeder, is on record for raising at least two of these snakes. He had one available for $25k a few years ago. There is also a reticulated python that was sold to a zoo for $50k. This snake won a Guinness World Record for being the longest snake in the world.

1 Lavender Albino Ball Python – $40,000

As one of the rarest ball pythons in the world, the Lavender Albino is named because of its coloring. The snake is albino but has lavender coloring, gold markings, and bright red eyes. You might think that because of this snake’s rarity it is more difficult to care for, but that isn’t the case.

It is pretty easy to care for, the same as other ball pythons. They eat rodents almost exclusively and need only be fed once or twice a week. If you want to attempt to purchase this uber rare snake, it will cost you around $40k.

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