This $12 Mascara Made Me Ask a Stranger About Her Eyelashes

“I’m sorry, but I have to ask you about your eyelashes.” I knew it was an awkward thing to say to a total stranger sitting across the table from me at a wine tasting, but the beauty editor in me absolutely had to know. Her dramatic eyelashes could simply be the result of heavenly DNA, but there was a chance they were due to an amazing mascara. 

To my luck, it was the latter. “It’s just from Sephora,” the woman shyly responded with a smile. After some back and forth, I discovered it was Sephora Collection’s signature Outrageous Volume Dramatic Volume $12 mascara with the quilted black packaging. It’s one of the brand’s most iconic products. 

This woman’s eyelashes were stunning. They were long, thick, and incredibly dark, but so natural at the very same time. There were no clumps or flakes in sight, which is why I couldn’t figure out if they were real or not. 




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As soon as I got home from my vacation, I knew this mascara had to be mine.

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Even on my thin baby eyelashes, this Sephora classic works magic. The wand features very small, short, flexible bristles that grab the perfect amount of mascara, eliminating globs of product from attaching to your eyelashes and smearing under your eyes. It pulls your lashes up in a natural curl, perfect for someone like me who curls her eyelashes maybe once a year. The quilted plastic of the tube also gives your hands more grip, so you can control where it hits your eyelashes. 

Combined with brow pencil and lip balm, it’s all I need to look awake and fresh-faced, even after a night of only four hours of sleep.

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