14 delicate nail designs set to take off in 2022

Written by Morgan Fargo

From microdots to asymmetric borders and haphazard hearts, delicate nail designs will be everywhere in 2022.

Calling all the natural manicure enthusiasts, 2022 is set to be your year. Because, while tortoiseshell tips, dark green nails, and season-specific designs are fun, there’s nothing like a classic, neutral nail colour. So, when I tell you that delicate nail designs are flooding social media with their understated glamour, you’re in for a treat. From microdots to hand-painted feathers, there are multiple personality-filled ways to amp up a natural base. Read on for 14 of our favourites. 

  • 1. Microdots

    Blink and you miss them, microdots are accents of colour that draw the eye without taking over the entire design. Contrasting colours, monochromatic and pastel shades all work well.

  • 2. Feathers

    Hand-painted feathers are a glorious way to add colour and flair to a pink, beige, or brown base.

  • 3. Hearts

    Pop a sweet, symmetrical heart on the thumbs only (or every digit, if you wish) for a manicure Saint Valentine himself would be proud of.

  • 4. Two-digit designs

    For bolder designs, choose one or two nails only. It keeps the effect delicate and elegant.

  • 5. Round colour tips

    Have a colour palette in mind or ask your manicurist for help choosing complementary shades for this design. Whether you opt for variations on one colour or contrasting colours entirely, it’s fabulously fun. 

  • 6. Thin French tips

    Add a ribbon of colour to effortlessly elevate a classic French manicure.

  • 7. “Evil eyes”

    Dreaming of a Mediterranean holiday? Us too. In lieu of that, let’s incorporate pretty ‘evil eyes’, instead.

  • 8. Reflective accents

    Glitter doesn’t need to be reserved for high days and holidays – there’s a way to make it work for the everyday, as well. Here, it’s been applied as a sweet finishing touch. 

  • 10. Polka dots

    Versatile and visually striking, polka dots are an effective delicate nail design, no matter which colour combinations you choose.

  • 11. Asymmetric borders

    Love drama, hate overkill? These delicate half-borders fit the bill. 

  • 12. Diamond crowns

    A solid choice to avoid obvious regrowth, diamond crowns attract the eye upwards. 

  • 13. Haphazard hearts

    A variation on the trending heart nail art design, pop one on every nail for a whimsical effect. 

  • 14. Celestial stars

    Appliqué stars can be added to block colour or more intricate nail designs. We like them placed over stroke-perfect neutral colour best. 

Main image: Harriet Westmoreland

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