18 Stylish Sneakers Under $50 — Yes, Really

Whether you’re back to school shopping or end of summer splurging, sneakers are a shoe that seems to always be in demand. Easy to pair with nearly any outfit, guaranteed to be a comfortable choice for any activity and relatively timeless in style? What more could you possibly want from footwear? Add budget-friendly to that list and sneakers become a practically irresistible shoe choice!

Regardless of the season and climate you’re shopping for, you’ve got plenty of stylish and sophisticated sneakers to choose from. Looking for something basic enough to blend with your existing wardrobe without being too basic? Try a chunky sole sneaker from ASOS. Searching for a sneaker you can take from the streets to a formal setting? A pair of high-top Chelsea sneakers might do the trick. 

And if you need a sleek and covertly climate-proof pair of slip-ons, these rain-ready mules from Chooka could be your perfect pair. 

So whether you’re headed back to the classroom or eagerly anticipating your next night out on the town, make sure to add some budget-friendly sneakers to your shopping list. Here are 18 pairs of stylish sneakers under $50 to get your search started! 

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