9 Acne Influencers on What Confidence Means to Them

Em Ford

Dealing with acne isn’t fun for anyone — not only can it physically hurt your face (damn you, cysts), but it can also take a major toll on your confidence and self-esteem. You may think heading to work with a couple of breakouts on your chin is hard, but imagine exposing your severe acne on camera to millions of followers who are critiquing, making fun of, or, if you’re lucky, sympathizing with your battle.

Acne can feel humiliating, but for popular beauty bloggers struggling with severe cystic inflammation, it can be even more difficult to expose the skin they’re in underneath all the makeup. Thankfully, the “Acne Positivity” movement has taken center stage on Instagram in recent months, with influencers forgoing Facetune and full-coverage makeup in hopes of normalizing acne and encouraging everyone to #freethepimple. Not only are these influencers beloved for their bravery, but they also are highly respected in the community for making huge strides to destigmatize an incredibly common skin condition.

Influencers with acne have the ability to show us what it means to have acne and healthy self-esteem, so in honor of Self Care Month this September, we’ve rounded up inspiring quotes from nine acne influencers.

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