A Makeup Minimalist's Guide to About-Face Products

A Makeup Minimalist’s Guide to About-Face Products

As a beauty writer, I’ve tried my fair share of makeup products, and I’ll admit it’s not always easy to impress me. But when it does happen, I still get as excited as ever over a new eyeshadow, highlighter, or lip product with excellent color payoff. My most recent encounter happened with About-Face by Halsey. Everything from the colors to the packaging to the long-lasting formulas brings me joy. I’ll go more into detail about the products I tried and what I love about them, but for now, I’ll share that my favorite is the Paint-It Matte Lip Color in Baby’s Arms. Care to learn more? Keep reading for my thoughts on why this brand is worth giving a try whether you want subtle makeup or a bold, statement-making beauty look.

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