Apparently 'glam shaming' is now a thing

Drew Barrymore has been trolled on social media after posting a photo of herself wearing make-up. Yes, you read that right.

This week, Barrymore posted a photo of herself on Instagram wearing plum lipstick and green eyeshadow – a classic grunge look – from her brand, Flower Beauty

"TGIF I NEED A BOLD LIP this is “Poison Plum” metallic matte lip only @ultabeauty @flowerbeauty I am obsessed with this formula. It reflects light and has a magical effect on your lips. Cannot stop staring!" the Santa Clarita Diet star wrote.

But some social media users were less than impressed, according to a story on POPSUGAR.

One wrote: "This is too much, you look 100."

Another wrote: "Go wash your face."

Yet another wrote: "Nooo! Don't cover up your natural beauty."

While there may be some good intentions in the last comment, the point is that women, including celebrities, already have to contend with fat shaming, skinny shaming and slut shaming. Does the world really need to add glam shaming to the pile of pile-ons?

Women, including Barrymore, wear make-up for many reasons, all of which are personal and, frankly, no-one's business.

The post, which Barrymore added on Sunday, has had more than 283,000 likes. And, as expected, there were plenty of supportive comments.

Unlike many celebrities, whose Instagram feeds are a tightly-edited, highly-filtered glimpse into their "real" lives, Barrymore is happy to share more than most, warts and all. Perhaps that's why, since bursting on to our screens in E.T. in 1982, aged seven, she's still popular, making money and not paying any attention to the bigotry of some narrow-minded Instagrammers.

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