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My travel wet pack is in a sad and sorry state, so it's time to chuck out the contents and the case and start from scratch. Luckily, these clever kits have the essential bases covered – make-up, hair and fragrance. Now I can start packing my new initialled make-up case from Mon Purse, $149,

Sportmax “Urbania” coat,
$6415. Zara skirt, $139.
Salvatore Ferragamo tote,
$2950. Tony Bianco
boots, $300.

Road Test

This week I try… earlobe rejuvenation

The lowdown The other week I had a reader's question about droopy, wrinkled earlobes and it made me take a look at mine, which usually hide behind a curtain of hair. I have had pierced ears for about 38 years. Wearing jumbo-sized earrings in the past as well as general wear and tear have taken their toll – the holes in my lobes are a little larger than they once were and I have some wrinkles.

I figured some filler would be the go, so I am here with Dr Joseph Hkeik for a Juvederm treatment. Earrings out, Joseph gets to work placing the filler through the base and centre of my lobes.

Trudon mini sprays in Bruma, Olim, II, Révolution, and Mortel, $110. Nude by Nature Sheer Glow Beauty Collection, $55. Original Mineral Mini Volume Minerals hair pack, $45.

Pain factor The injections are a little bit pinchy and my lobes are quite bruised at the base. The tenderness lasts about a week.

Downtime Five minutes, tops.

Results My lobes are nice and plump and the results should last at least 12 months.

Where to get it Sydney: All Saints Skin Clinic; Cost: $675. Melbourne: Dr Tass Cosmetic & Skin Clinics; Cost: from $675.

Artis Elite Collection Oval 8 Brush, $107.

At home A new pair of Alex Monroe earrings … I wish!

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I am obsessed with the super-softness and all-purpose nature of the Artis Elite Collection Oval 8 Brush. It can quadruple as a foundation, blush, finishing powder or bronzing brush. Take your pick. Keep it in mint condition with Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner, $14, Artis Elite Collection Oval 8 Brush, $107,

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What is the best way to file nails? I have been converted to crystal files, as they seal the keratin layers at a nail's edge to help prevent peeling. Make sure you file in one direction rather than sawing at the nail (as tempting as it is). These files have a long shelf life and are easily cleaned with soap, water and nail brush. Sephora Collection Glass nail file, $14,

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