Beauty Blender Defender, New Storage Case for Makeup Sponge

Once Beautyblenders hit the market, there was no going back in terms of makeup application. Finally, we were able to say goodbye to the uneven coverage caused by using our fingers, or streaks caused by brushes and instead use a high-quality sponge that gave us the even skin tone we were yearning for forever.

Now that Beautyblenders have been available for purchase for years now, though, we were starting to wonder why the brand didn’t provide us with a safe place to store them. Well, wonder no more, friends! Why? Because Beautyblender just announced a new protective case that’ll keep your makeup sponge safe from all of the other colorful products in your makeup case. See?

How cool is that?! The product is called the ‘Blender Defender,’ a silicone case that gives your sponge a nice place to sleep and dry off while you’re not using it. It also is big enough to store either two dry sponges, or one wet one. It even has holes in it so that if you do put a damp BB inside, it’ll be dry in time for its next use without growing mold or bacteria. Is that innovative thinking or what?!

While it’s unclear at the moment how much the case will cost you, we think all Beautyblender owners can agree that it’s a must-have item. Apparently, it’ll launch in The U.K. in July, but we don’t have an exact date at the moment. Regardless, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief because the ‘Blender Defender’ is coming. What a blessing!

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