Cardi B Just Revealed A Major Update To Her Peacock Tattoo

On the heels of adding a full neck-to-thigh floral piece, Cardi B’s peacock tattoo got an update. The rapper and ink enthusiast just added new details to the design, and now, it’s as vibrant and detailed as the artwork she got at the end of May.

In an Instagram post, Cardi added a before-and-after photo of her peacock tattoo. The large piece of body art — which takes up all of the rapper’s thigh and wraps around her body to the bottom of her waistline — is bolder and more colorful. New pieces have also been inked onto the rapper’s skin. The design now features bright blue feathers, a large open lotus flower, and a vibrant fuchsia butterfly, along with new, smaller floral details.

Cardi explained in her post that she’s had the peacock tattoo for ten years and she’s been "takin hours of pain getting tatted." She also tagged her tattoo artist, Jamie Schene.

Schene, who is also responsible for Cardi’s floral neck-to-thigh tattoo, also posted the before-and-after image to his Instagram account. "I gave Cardi’s peacock a makeover!" he wrote, adding that Cardi was tattooed seven days in a row before the piece was complete.

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