Cardi B Made a Wig For an 11-Year-Old Fan, and Her Reaction Has Me Emotional

Creating the perfect wig is an art in itself! Dive into the process of creating wigs together with Cardi!

We knew Cardi B’s new Facebook series would bring plenty of laughs, but we weren’t expecting tears. On the Jan. 21 episode of Cardi Tries, in which the “WAP” rapper embarks on new experiences outside of her usual skill set, Cardi learns the art of creating a wig and gifts her final product to a young fan.

The rapper is joined by her friend Kway and hairstylist and wigmaker Tokyo Stylez at Giovanni & Son Human Hair, where the group is taken through the process of making a wig, from brushing and hackling to weaving the pieces of hair together. After completing the undertaking, which Cardi admits is much harder than it looks, she learns that a huge fan of hers will receive her wig. “Wigs are expensive,” she said. “I’m really happy that the wig that I made today — with some help, you know what I’m saying — is going to be donated. I hope it goes to somebody very special.”

At the end of the episode, 11-year-old Khloe unboxes the gift, and her stunned reaction is absolutely priceless. Once she gets over the shock of receiving a gift from Cardi, Khloe tries on the wig and starts to tear up. Watch her sweet reaction in full above, and catch new episodes of the show every Thursday.

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