CoverGirl Just Launched Its Most Inclusive Foundation Range Ever

CoverGirl Just Launched Its Most Inclusive Foundation Range Ever

Finding your perfect foundation shade is just half of the purchasing battle. Of course, any brand offering a wide and inclusive range of shades that match a variety of skin tones should be lauded. But along with just finding your shade, you also probably want a high-quality formula — we’re talking long-lasting, oil-absorbing, and comfortable.

Enter CoverGirl’s latest release, the TruBlend Matte Made Foundation ($12). It’s available in 40 shades (26 of which are new to CoverGirl’s entire line), and the medium to full-coverage base is the product of extensive research that the brand says makes it work for nearly all skin types.

First, this formula stays put, but is flexible enough to resist getting cakey or crusty anytime you move your face. Along with that, it feels good on your skin and is also transfer-proof, pore-blurring, and gives off that coveted filter look. That means if you’re in the market to reduce the appearance of some redness or blemishes, this might be your ticket.

But back to the shade range. This lineup is separated into four categories: light, medium, tan, and deep. Read on to see each one. Ready to buy? Head to your local drugstore — these puppies are rolling out in the makeup aisle during the month of May.

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