Create Euphoria inspired makeup looks with these beauty buys

Euphoria’s makeup artistry team have brought a breath of fresh air to modern TV.

Using white eyeliner, irregular lines and shapes, bold colours, double wings, gems and plenty more techniques, the show’s MUA team is headed up by Doniella Davy – and she’s creating beauty moments that are anything but ordinary.

Each week she breaks down key looks for the episodes, and we’re hooked.

Showing that makeup can be more than skin-deep, there’s often lots of symbolism behind the looks.

Explaining an iconic Cassie look to fans from season two episode three, she wrote on Instagram: ‘The makeup goal was obviously to take Cassie to a Maddy-level of snatched, while showing the underlying manic state that Cassie’s been in as she tries to get Nate’s attention.

‘Initially I envisioned a soft baby blue for the liner until I realized how much more a stark white would show up on camera on @sydney_sweeney‘s skin tone.

‘The look had to pop so she could finally get Nate’s attention!

‘Conceptually, I loved the idea of creating a high impact look without the use of any vivid colors.

‘For a color devoid of “color,” white is actually super bold. It almost looks jarring in these stills – which I LOVE for this moment.

‘And then there’s the classic symbolism of white (purity and innocence) which is just a little bit ironic in this case.’

Have you ever felt such a strong urge to wear white eyeliner?

These are our top picks to help you recreate looks from the show if you’re also inspired:

Danessa Myricks Twin Flames Liquid Shadow

Get it for £24 from Cult Beauty.

While not a product used (to our knowledge) in Euphoria, duo chrome shadows are exactly the kind of playful energy the show advocates. This means they change how they look depending on the light.

Sweep over lids and pat in for a buildable, shimmery, colourful look.

elf Glitter Melt Liquid Eyeshadow

Get it for £6 from Superdrug.

In season two episode four, Kat wears glittery blue eyeshadow above black liner.

Brush Ocean Eyes along for a similar effect.

Claire’s Mini Skin Gems

Get it for £3.30 from Claire’s.

Time to go back to your childhood and visit Claire’s.

Dot small gems along the top or bottom lash line to catch the light.

On Cassie, they look like false exaggerated tears.

L’Oreal Matte Signature Eyeliner

Get it for £8.99 from Lookfantastic.

Play with white liner without breaking the bank – this is surprisingly easy to use.

MAC Eyeshadow in Aqua

Get it for £10 from MAC.

Baby blues features all over the lids of the main stars – on Kat, there’s a scene in which it’s bold and pronounced, on Cassie it’s gently applied and doll-like.

Make Up Forever Colour Pencil

Get it for £16.50 from Lookfantastic.

Maddy’s deep brown lip line is actually done using this product in a currently sold out shade called Endless Cacao.

There is, however, another similar cool toned brown available.

NYX Epic Ink Liner

Get it for £9 from Boots.

For Maddy’s iconic double wing, a simple pen liner will do.

This one is often sold out – and with good reason. It won’t budge and is the blackest of blacks.

Get it for £34 from Cult Beauty.

Kat often has a bold, punchy and slightly shiny lip – though not glossy.

This pigmented lipstick has a balmy finish, making it perfect to emulate this look.

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