Does Selena Gomez's Wearable Haircut Remind Anyone Else of Rachel Green?

Selena Gomez just got a haircut that looks very familiar . . . especially if you’ve been bingeing Friends on Netflix. The singer posted an Instagram gallery of her new, just-past-the-shoulders style that looks a whole lot like Jennifer Aniston’s hair in the ’90s, dubbed “The Rachel” after her famous character.

Considering everything from the ’90s is back (have you seen the amount of hair accessories on the market?) it’s unsurprising the era’s most iconic haircut is reemerging as well. The new look is super versatile, too: The last photo Gomez posted in the gallery shows just how good her new hair looks like with a side part.

We highly suggest using her selfies as photo references for your next hair appointment. As we learned on Friends from Monica and Phoebe, photos are essential so you don’t end up with a Dudley Moore style when you wanted Demi Moore. Ahead, check out a few of her most glamorous selfies for even more beauty inspiration.

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