ESSENCE Marché Is The Digital Shopping Destination Black Women Desperately Need

It’s finally here, the fashion and beauty shopping destination Black women have been waiting for.

ESSENCE Marché is a digital e-commerice site dedicated to serving the beauty, fashion and lifestyle needs of Black women around the world. 

Furthermore, ESSENCE Marché, the French word for marketplace, is the first product of the recently announced New Voices Fund and ESSENCE. The e-commerce platform will be carefully curated by the ESSENCE staff and was created with the sole purpose of “Black women supporting Black women supporting Black women”– something that traditionally has not been done. 

In addition to featuring New Voices entrepreneurs, such as Beauty Bakerie and The Honey Pot, ESSENCE Marché will allow customers to shop from both established and up-and-coming women of color owned brands.

“For almost five decades, ESSENCE has passionately served our community – and even more deeply now from beauty, style, health and wellness to also include entrepreneurship,” says Michelle Ebanks, President of ESSENCE.

One of the most difficult aspects of being a new entrepreneur is scaling. Thankfully ESSENCE Marché will help participating entrepreneurs to ensure their customers have superior brand experience by providing the infrastructure, logistics, fulfillment and inventory financing to help support their businesses.

“We could not be more thrilled to partner with New Voices to give Black women entrepreneurs a platform where they can create businesses, earn incomes and generate wealth. The idea of ownership is so powerful in our community, and ESSENCE is the place where Black women can write our own narrative, express our own ideas and drive our own economics,” Ebank also shared. 

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