Even Beauty Queens Get Insecure — Here's How They Learned to Love Their "Flaws"

Even Beauty Queens Get Insecure — Here’s How They Learned to Love Their “Flaws”

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or how many times you’ve been crowned a beauty queen. Everyone has those little, self-perceived beauty “flaws” that can make us feel self-conscious. Maybe it’s a slightly crooked tooth, a face that reddens easily, or eyes that don’t sit the way you wish they would.

Whatever the case, learning how to accept — and even embrace — these things about ourselves can be incredibly freeing. We spoke to several Miss USA contestants — women who are noted for their extreme beauty — to see what sort of physical “flaws” they’ve dealt with and how they overcame them. Listening to their take on their own imperfections will make you realize how hard we can be on ourselves when it comes to our bodies, regardless of what’s actually in the mirror.

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