Everything you need to know about beauty fridges

When it comes to skincare, you’re either entirely invested in acids, masks, and serums, or you just don’t give a toss.

There’s rarely an in-between, and the camp you fall into will be revealed by your reaction to two words: beauty fridge.

A beauty fridge is a fridge (usually a mini one) used only for beauty products.

If you thought ‘wow, that is entirely unnecessary’, congratulations, you have not become obsessed with different coloured goops to place on your face.

If you thought ‘I should get one of those’, I’m afraid you are part of the skincare addicts club. Take a seat and don’t worry, we don’t judge here.

To many beauty obsessives, the concept of keeping beauty products in the fridge is entirely old hat. But over the weekend the people of the internet became aware of the idea of a mini fridge for skincare, and reactions were mixed.

YouTuber Safiya Nygaard pushed beauty fridges into the general consciousness by tweeting that she had just bought one – prompting puzzled tweets in response.

But many a beauty editor has shared photos of their own cooling storage, and if you take a look at the #beautyfridge hashtag on Instagram, you’ll find more than 1,000 posts.

While the beauty fridge may have started as an unconventional way to use a fridge designed for storing beers, the idea hit the mainstream over the course of the last year, when brands including Nordstrom began stocking products specifically for the purpose of cooling and warming products.

Now the industry favourites are The Makeup Fridge, complete with the power to heat and chill, a door shelf for your sheet masks, and, of course, a glossy pink exterior, and The Cosmetics Fridge, which has a lovely marbled effect.

So, should you get your own? Let’s discuss.

First, we must be clear: a beauty fridge is in no way a necessity. You do not need a beauty fridge, just as you do not need a collection of jade rollers and a sheet mask for every day of the week.

This is a luxury that is purely for those who take joy in the skincare and want to maximise the experience. Please, do not feel excluded from the skincare club simply because you do not wish to spend your hard-earned money on a special fridge.

There are some benefits to storing certain products in the fridge – chief among them that when it’s hot outside, applying chilled moisturisers and masks feels like an absolute dream.

Cooled skincare products can help to de-puff the skin and boost circulation, as the chill helps to constrict the blood vessels.

There’s no definitive evidence that refridgerating your skincare products will make them more potent or effective, but if you’re a fan of natural skincare that has an expiry date, fridge storage is a good shout for keeping fresh products, well, fresh for longer.

But of course, you could just dedicate a section of your fridge to your skincare products. As we said, there’s really no need to invest in a dedicated option.

A beauty fridge that can also heat products may be handy for the application of face masks, as heat will open up the pores and allow masks to more easily penetrate and clear the skin.

Whether you opt for a beauty fridge or just clear out some feta cheese to create your skincare’s own area in the kitchen, it’s crucial to know which products suit being chilled and which do not.

Sheet masks, natural fresh products, serums, moisturisers, and facial rollers – all will feel incredible applied after a good chill.

Makeup, oils, and balms, not so much. The cold could cause these products to separate, making application a massive mess.

Oh, and remember that if you do get a beauty fridge, an Instagram post of its contents is a requirement. Watch out #shelfies, now the skincare community wants to see just how cool you keep your collection.

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