Exclusive: Watch Patrick Starrr Do Kris Jenner's Makeup In a Hilarious Tutorial

If you’ve ever spent more than five minutes watching Youtube beauty tutorials in your life, then you already know about Patrick Starrr. So much more than just a vlogger with 3.7 million subscribers and 4.2 million Instagram fans, Starrr has become a bonafide brand; he’s even dropped two buzzy collections with MAC Cosmetics in the last year (and teased to BAZAAR.com to “stay tuned” about a possible eponymous line). So it’s no surprise at all that Starrr was able to coordinate shooting the only Youtube tutorial with Kris Jenner for her debut kosmetics kollection over Instagram DM. He pulls that kind of social klout.

“I was so excited about the collection that I screenshotted it and posted it on my Instagram. I reposted it which I never do. I tagged her and then she commented back on DM saying ‘You’re so fab!’,” Starr says. “I was with my assistant and they said, ‘oh my god, imaging doing a tutorial with Kris Jenner?’ I was like eh, I don’t know. She was like, ‘one day.’ I said, ‘you know what? Screw it—let me just ask.’ It was the night or the day after the Met Ball. I said, ‘Hey Kris, if you’re ever down to do a tutorial on Youtube, let me know. I think it would be so fun.’ She said, ‘Oh my god, I am on a plane back from The Met. Let me ask Kylie right now and I will let you know. I was like, ‘Oh my god, they’re probably going to say no. They’re so busy.’ I was thinking that I’ve never met Kylie, so it would be a no.”

A few hours later, Starrr caught sight of an email on his inbox that he almost ignored. It was from Kardashian Jenner communications confirming the tutorial details. “For the longest time I have been meaning to do a Kris Jenner smoky eye makeup tutorial. Because nobody seems to think of Kris when it comes to beauty looks. I’ve always loved her fierceness and her pixie cut. I have always held back because I’ve been so busy. I think it was just the right time to do a look with her,” he notes.

The two filmed a Kris Jenner makeup tutorial at 7 a.m. just about a day after bouncing around the idea on social media. This wasn’t Starrr’s first time meeting Jenner, but that didn’t make the experience any less exciting. “I met Kris Jenner at the KKW launch at Kim’s home first. Then I met her at the Youtube space for an event then I met her again at a dinner with a bunch of influencers and I happened to sit literally across from her out of like 40 seats. This would be my fourth time meeting her.”

Though he’s one of the elite names in the beauty world, Starrr hasn’t had a chance to meet Kylie Jenner just yet. “I have not met Kylie formally, I’ve seen her at an awards show. But I’ve never spoken to her. I met Kim and Kim and I would DM sometimes, and also Kris. I think she’s always been enamored by my turban and how tall I am and my makeup. In the video we shot, we talked about how she loves my look and how she’s a fan.”

If you’re wondering what Starr thinks of the Kris Kollection products, he too is a fan. “What surprised me was the branding, it’s what I was drawn to. The glosses are buttery and smooth, and I love the lipstick called Give Me a Kiss. The eyeshadows are different from what Kylie has done, they are a majority cool tone,” he notes. “I think as a beauty expert, it’s so fun how she finally has something. She’s birthed all these entrepreneurs and moguls, and for her to have something besides her offspring, something for us to have, it’s just incredible. She hasn’t done anything in fashion and beauty so to have a product of hers, by her, with her name on it is just fabulous.”

Starrr, who’s known for his glam transformations, had a surprise for Jenner on set. “At the end of the video, she went to go finish her hair and change into her blazer and bodysuit. Then I went to go secretly change and put on a Kris wig and a Kris dress. I had a bolero pearl bowtie and a breast plate, so I put on some boobs, a pearl belt, and strappy heels and my Celine. And large glasses,” he says. Jenner couldn’t help but laugh at Starrr’s flawless recreation. “I always do a slapstick intro, so Kris is feeding me her famous sayings and I am repeating after her as if it were double lookalikes. And we cheers with our martini glasses and our vodka soda, actually it was actually water, but just for giggles. The intro is nothing less than extravagantly entertaining and fabulous. We look like besties laughing over our cocktail glasses.”

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Now that he can cross a Kris Jenner tutorial off his list, we asked Starr what celebrity he would want to film with next. “One celebrity I would love to do is maybe Khloe or Kylie. Either one of them. I think it would be so cute for Khloe to see what hermommy makeup routine is and talk about the new baby,” he says. On the subject of True Thompson, it seems that Starr got a first look at the newest Kardashian from none other than her grandmother. “Kris was showing me baby pictures on set,” he says. “We Facetimed Kendall and Hailey Baldwin and talked about The Met for a little, it was so surreal. She as like, ‘hey girls I am getting my makeup done by Patrick Starrr!’ They were casually in the South of France. It was honestly so much fun.”

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