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If you’re as obsessed with Fenty Beauty as we are, you’re probably overwhelmed with excitement every time the beauty brand announces the launch of a new product. And, while it’s too soon to confirm anything, it seems like soon enough they’ll be launching a new shade of their beloved lip paint, which so far only comes in a single red color.

That’s right, Fenty stans! Rihanna‘s cosmetics brand has a wide variety of shades in pretty much all of their products, from concealer to foundation. But where they’re lacking shades is with their lip paint, which has quickly become a favorite product among Fenty Beauty consumers because of its smooth application.

So far, the lip paint comes in one single shade called ‘STUNNA,’ but Considering how well it’s gone over so far, it should come as no surprise that the brand’s followers on Instagram were completely shook when they saw this post on the Fenty Beauty feed:

Double tap for a surprise ?#STUNNA Lip Paint

A post shared by FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA (@fentybeauty) on

If you noticed, at the last second of the video, the shade of the lip paint changes from a brighter red to a deeper one, which can only mean one thing: a new shade of lip paint is coming and we can’t wait!

While there haven’t been any additional details regarding this new shade and when exactly it’ll be available, we’ll just sit tight with our credit cards ready because, LBR… we’re getting it.

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