I Finally Found a Face Mask That Clears My Stubborn Acne in Just 1 Night

From time to time, I suffer from sporadic breakouts that cover my cheeks and chin. I never see them coming, so I like to be armed with essentials that will quickly combat them. There’s nothing worse than unexpected skin issues before a big event. I’m a huge face mask fan, but I never found a truly effective option targeted at controlling acne. That is, until my friend gifted me this Tata Harper Clarifying Mask ($68). It’s a total godsend.

If I apply this mask the night before an important day, my skin is totally flawless the next morning. I can always count on the formula to work fast. You simply put it on with a brush, leave it on for 15-20 minutes, then wash it off with warm water. The quartz sand microcrystals in the mask will exfoliate your skin as you wipe it off.

It has an enzymatic peel effect that makes pimples and redness disappear without drying or irritating your face. Additionally, the mask includes an AHA superfruit blend and lactic acid that shrinks your pores for an Instagram filter complexion. The salicylic acid fights acne as well. Basically, the formula includes a combination of really good stuff that works together in perfect harmony.

If you’ve been hunting for a mask that will give you results, this is the investment you need to make. A high-quality product like this will give you the clear skin you’ve been longing for. I already need to stock up on another jar!

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