Get Into Tip-Top Summer Shape With This Effective Workout & Zero Equipment: Expert Says

With Summer quickly approaching, bikini season is near! The good news? Celeb-worthy abs, toned arms, & killer legs can totally be yours with THIS butt-kicking exercise. Just take it from Pilates guru Cassey Ho!

Turns out, Pilates do SO much more than just tighten up your abs and booty. In fact, this one-size-fits-all exercise is a total game changer, according to Vitamin Shoppe Wellness Council Expert, Cassey Ho, 31. Not only is Cassey an advocate for healthy living, she’s also the ridiculously popular YouTuber behind the fitness channel Blogilates — maybe you’ve heard of it? Cassey absolutely swears by Pilates, especially her own POP Pilates workouts that are quick but PAINFUL — in the best way possible of course!

For Cassey, Pilates are THE solution to that perfect summer bod we’re all craving. Sitting down with the fitness guru, we learned EXCLUSIVELY what makes this fun but challenging exercise so darn effective! “Pilates strengthens your core! And contrary to what’s normally been advertised, your core isn’t just your abs!” Cassey stressed to “It also includes your back, which means you are bettering your posture with every move! That means you end up standing straighter and looking taller naturally!” Sounds pretty great, right? But the best part about Cassey’s upbeat workout videos? You can do them in a small space like a dorm room or apartment, and there’s zero equipment required!

“POP Pilates uses only your bodyweight (no equipment like dumbells or machines) so it teaches you how to truly take advantage of everything your body has to offer,” Cassey explained. “We work all your muscles so you end up feeling sore in places you didn’t even know existed!” And for those of us who sit at a desk all day, Cassey has some calorie-blasting workouts just for you! In fact, her favorite video for chronic sitters focuses on the legs. 

“[This video] will help tone your inner thighs, outer thighs, booty, and legs. Not only will it sculpt your thighs tight and strong, but it will also help lift your butt!” Cassey told us. “After a long day of sitting, I love working out my legs because they help take me places. You need your legs to move, to travel, to squat, to lunge — to do everything — and these exercises will help strengthen your lower body so that you can easily walk up the stairs and power through all of your workouts with ease!” 

While Pilates are what Cassey is known for in the social media world, the Vitamin Shoppe Wellness Council Expert does like her fitness routine to have some variety. “Personally, I like to be active everyday with a rest day once a week. I mix it all up between Pilates, cardio, weight lifting, dancing, yoga — whatever I am into!” she said. “Active doesn’t mean you need to go crazy high intensity for an hour everyday. It means you just need to move for around 30 minutes a day, even if that means walking your dog!” 

No matter what you do though, the key to achieving your body goals is consistency. “Whether it is Pilates or any exercise routine, you will see results based on how consistent you are and also how well you are eating. Your nutrition and your workouts go hand in hand,” Cassey explained. “I am pretty sure you’ll feel the results (happiness, energy, mood boost etc.) right after your first workout. Then you’ll begin seeing the results soon after, depending on your body type and how you’re eating.” 

The beautiful thing about Pilates though is that ANYONE can do them — and Cassey can help you get started! “What you need to know is that it looks a lot easier than it actually is,” she told us. “As you begin your Pilates journey, it is important to celebrate the small wins that add up to big gains. That is why I’ve teamed up with The Vitamin Shoppe as an expert for their Wellness Council — to share that even if you’re hitting the Pilates mat for the first time, or advancing your fitness journey, you can achieve your own personal health and wellness goals.” 

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