Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi Just Took On the U.S. Marines Obstacle Course

Artistic gymnast Katelyn Ohashi earned 10s across the board with her now-famous floor routine in 2019, and more recently showed off her strength and balance by performing her own twist on the handstand challenge. But how will she fare when attempting to complete a military assault course?

Ohashi just joined Austen Alexander, a YouTuber and active duty sailor with the U.S. Navy, to take on a course used in Marines’ physical training. Alexander previously challenged a group of influencers, including makeup artist James Charles, to take part in the assault course — so for a former UCLA and National Team gymnast, it should be a piece of cake. Right?

First up is the practice round, starting with a straightforward bunny hop, followed by the “college boy roll,” which requires the individual to lift and rotate their entire bodyweight up and over a bar — a tough move which first-timer Ohashi struggles with.

“I swear, at one point I did gymnastics,” she jokes, after falling in the dirt.

A number of the obstacles are so high that the diminutive Ohashi needs a boost before she can even secure a hold on them, although she demonstrates some impressive core and upper body strength getting herself up and over the logs and walls.

“She’s a champ,” says Alexander. “She’s doing a little better than James Charles did so far.”

Ohashi absolutely kills the practice rope climb, then it’s time to run the assault course all in one go — during which Alexander praises Ohashi’s “supreme balance” and “exquisite dexterity.”

“I’m tired, man,” Ohashi says upon completing the course. “You can tell I’m out of retirement, I need a little bit more practice on this, then I’ll be ready to go.”

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