Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Invisible, Blemish Treatment, Acne

When people talk about puberty, they make it seem as though, once it’s over, the zits will suddenly disappear and stop happening altogether. Well, now that we’ve gone through it, we can pretty much all agree that that’s simply not the case. Even after puberty, the pimples keep on coming, and if you’ve suffered from acne for what seems like forever, you’ll pretty much do anything to make the pimples go away, or hide them at the very least.

After trying several acne remedies over the years, we have to say that zit stickers have always been one of our faves. Unfortunately, wearing stickers on your face in public can be very noticeable, and the last thing you ever want to do is draw attention to your blemishes. Well, with that in mind, a company called Hero Cosmetics developed a new and improved version of the Mighty Patch, called Mighty Patch Invisible+. They’re basically just like the original except — you guessed it — they’re invisible!

Of course, finding stickers that are completely invisible is pretty much impossible, but we have to say, these Mighty Patch Invisible+ stickers come pretty darn close! If you’re running errands or laying on the beach, for example, you can definitely work on getting rid of those pesky zits without anyone even noticing and without damaging your skin even more by applying makeup to cover them up.

Ready to try the Mighty Patch Invisible+ stickers for yourself? You can get a package of 39 stickers for $18 on herocosmetics.com. Hey… it’s worth a shot!

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