I Saved Up For Years To Get a Nose Job—Here's What I Look Like Now

Nose jobs aren’t as popular as they once were—shocking, we know. Last year there were over 215,000 rhinoplasty procedures in the U.S., which is slightly down from the year before and way down from just a decade ago. This is likely due in part to the invention of the non-surgical nose job, which uses filler to shape the nose and make it appear more symmetrical. But no amount of filler can replace the life-changing transformation of a real nose job, especially for someone who has been struggling with their nose for decades.

In this episode of The Plastics, watch as New Yorker Jasmine undergoes a rhinoplasty procedure that she saved up for years in order to get. “I would like my face to be more aesthetically pleasing, I guess,” she says of her desired end result. “I think that’s the most nerve-wracking part of it—there’s no going back.”

Well here’s a first- our lovely young patient today got lightheaded and almost fainted in her chair as she looked in the mirror after we took off her splint and she said “it looks so good, I’m lightheaded! “ This is only one week post op! It gives us great pleasure to know we have such a positive impact on a young woman’s self-confidence. Thank you for being our patient! #plasticsurgeon #plasticsurgery #drcangello #alwayslooksnatural #nosesurgery #rhinoplasty #rhino #nosedoc #nosejob

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Jasmine and her seven other siblings are of 100% Indian descent, and she distinctly remembers her sister commenting on her nose bump when they were growing up. “Ever since I’ve just always been like, oh my god, she’s right,” she says. Jasmine saved up for years to pay for the surgery, and after taking meetings with several doctors, she decided to go with Dr. David Cangello, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City.


“When I decided to work with Dr. Cangello, I did a ton of research. I follow him on Instagram,” she says. “He really takes into consideration your whole face, what is going to look natural but what will also look aesthetically pleasing for someone with a small face like me. He looks at the ethnic background as well. Everyone in my family is so proportionate to their face, so I would kind of like to join the club.”

Dr. Cangello opted for an open rhinoplasty for Jasmine. Instead of keeping all the incisions inside the nose, an open rhinoplasty includes a few stitches on the bottom of the nose. “It allows me to better manipulate the structure of the nose and ultimately end up with a better result,” he says. During the procedure, he aimed to reduce the bump on her nose, turn her tip slightly upward, and correct a deviated septum so she can breathe a little easier.

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Watch the entire procedure go down in the video above, and stay until the end for the dramatic before and after. Subscribe to BAZAAR’s Youtube channel so you don’t miss a single episode of season 2 of The Plastics.

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