If You Hate the Oily Feeling of Facial Moisturizers, This Skin-Care Product Is For You

Can’t find a facial cream that doesn’t leave your skin feeling lathered up and greasy? If this is your reality, you might have found yourself tempted to skip moisturizing completely.

The truth is that your skin needs moisture to function properly and stay healthy, so unless your dermatologist has told you otherwise, this skin-care basic probably belongs in your routine — regardless of your skin type.

In my beauty-writer opinion, the solution to your qualms about face cream might just be switching up the type of moisturizer you’re using.

Enter gel-based facial moisturizers.

These moisturizers, which are typically water-based, hold a gel consistency and are known for being incredibly lightweight. However, you don’t have to worry about these gel-based products skimping on moisture. On top of the water they deliver to your skin, they’re frequently infused with powerful ingredients known to help with hydration, like hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

Gel-based moisturizers also tend to have less oils in them than your standard face cream, making them an ideal moisturizing option for those oily or combination skin types or anyone who’s worried about moisturizer clogging their pores. In fact, some gel-based moisturizers are completely oil-free.

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