“I’m a beauty editor and these are the nourishing skincare buys I always re-purchase”

Written by Chloe Burcham

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Freelance beauty editor Chloe Burcham shares the skincare products she buys time after time…

I’ve worked in the beauty industry for just over 10 years now, meaning I’ve tried a lot of beauty products. From mascaras and shampoos to moisturisers and serums, if there’s a beauty recommendation you need, I’ve got a list as long as my arm of things to try. 

While I’m fortunate to be sent many of these products for free, there are certain beauty buys that I re-purchase again and again, which is when you know it’s a good’un.

Skincare is an pillar of beauty which I love and enjoy testing new products out – but using yourself as a beauty lab rat can sometimes result in irritated skin, a confused complexion and a damaged skin barrier. Which is when I like to strip things back and reach for those soothing skincare picks I know and love. 

Below, I’ve rounded up the 10 nourishing skincare picks I always repurchase (which also happen to be the ones I reach for around this time of year)…

  • CeraVe SA Smoothing Cleanser with Salicylic Acid

    Don’t let the inclusion of salicylic acid throw you off – this is a brilliantly hydrating cleanser that works to dissolve dead skin cells while ceramides help to reinforce the skin barrier and combat irritants. It’s also super affordable – I’m on my umpteenth bottle. 

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  • Allies of Skin Molecular Silk Amino Hydrating Cleanser

    When my skin’s feeling parched, I love this gentle cleanser. It’s formulated with a blend of silk amino acids, hyaluronic acid, organic safflower and moringa oil to leave your skin feeling soft and bouncy. 

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  • La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm Apbiome

    The skin on my body can get really dry in the winter months – feeling itchy and sensitive, especially post-shower. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to daily moisturising but this rich moisturiser does just the job overnight. It’s specially formulated for dry, irritated skin and I really do notice a difference after just one use. 

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  • Lanolips 101 Ointment

    If I could buy shares in this product, I would. It’s such a genius multipurpose balm that works to soothe chapped lips, cracked cuticles and other areas of dryness almost instantly. A tube also lasts me a good few months – even with every day use. 

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  • 111SKIN Sub-Zero De-Puffing Energy Facial Mask

    These masks aren’t the cheapest but they really are the best if you want an instant hit of hydration. They’re supercharged with a blend of peptides and caffeine that help to hydrate, firm and energise the skin. If you want to look like you’ve just had a professional facial, try one of these beauties. 

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  • Biossance 100% Squalane Oil

    There’s nothing this nourishing oil can’t do. It’s really lightweight and sinks in instantly. I use it as a pre-shampoo hair mask, a nourishing body oil or to thin out the aforementioned body moisturiser. 

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  • Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Hydrating Mask

    If my skin’s feeling dry and tight, this overnight moisture mask acts like a tall glass of water for your skin. I’ve been using it for years now and am still impressed with the results each time. It leaves your skin feeling juicy and hydrated overnight – a real skin hero. 

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  • SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Antioxidant Vitamin C Serum

    Don’t get me wrong, this serum is super expensive and so it’s not something I’m able to replenish every couple of months – but when I see it on sale, I don’t hold back. There are some draw backs: it smells like hot dogs and leaves your skin feeling a bit sticky – but the glow it gives my skin really is unrivalled. It’s up there in my favourite ever products. 

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  • Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

    When this Instagram-famous mask first launched in the UK a couple of years ago, I remember sceptically thinking it was all hype. That was until I tried it and realised how much my skin loved to drink it up. It drenches skin in hydration while vitamin C and chestnut extract help to exfoliate and brighten. Dull skin, be gone. 

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  • Scientia Sunshine & Sea HA + Vit D Aqua Tanning Serum

    When autumn kicks in and the temperatures plummet, my skin can go a bit meh. A hack I’ve learnt to fake a good glow is to mix a little bit of tanning serum in with my nightly moisturiser and this is a brilliant one. It doesn’t break you out and the colour is really natural-looking. It’s a great skin boost. 

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