Is the Foreo UFO 2 90-second mask tool worth the faff?

Face masks are typically reserved for baths and pamper nights, given their propensity to leave clay and goo all over you and need rinsing and smothering.

I, myself, have fallen victim to not rinsing a mask properly, and went to school one day with kaolin mud stuck in my sideburns, much to the bullying-ammunition-hungry teenagers in my year’s excitement.

Thankfully that didn’t stop me on my quest for clear skin, and I now have drawers full of masks and serums from Korea and Japan and good old Superdrug.

But although masks have moved on and we now have cellulose this and soaked sheet that, it’s still an arduous process. Which is why Foreo designed something to simplify the whole thing.

This week, I’m trying the Foreo UFO 2 device for Is It Worth the Faff?; a little gadget that promises a full face mask with no need to rinse in just 90 seconds.

Sounds too good to be true? It almost is.

What is the Foreo UFO 2?

This is a little tool that uses light, heat, and vibration to supercharge your masking appearance.

Powered by an app, you put one of the Foreo mask disks into the tool and move it around your face as it goes through various stages.

According to Foreo themselves, it uses ‘T-Sonic™ pulsations to promote blood circulation for a healthy, glowing complexion.

‘In addition, varying colours of LED light help to boost collagen, even the skin tone and kill off acne-causing bacteria for a smoother, clearer visage.’

Faff involved

The device itself comes in a fetching little box with a couple of masks included.

Although Foreo have tried to make things uber-digital (and therefore much easier), it sort of has the opposite effect.

I scanned the QR code on the box which took me to a website where I was supposed to input a code – one which I couldn’t actually find – and make an account.

Then I had to download an app, and put those details in again, before scanning a barcode on the mask itself, putting the mask disk into the UFO, and turning it on via the app.

If all this sounds very convoluted, it’s because it is. I will say, though, that you don’t have to go through this rigmarole every time you mask up. Once you’re logged in it’ll be much less faff.

The mask experience itself was lovely, with lights changing throughout the 90 seconds and the metal part of the UFO going from warm to cool and vibrating slightly.

Even though it was quick, it felt relaxing and soothing – de-stressing me from the aggravating process of scanning and downloading that came before.

The results

My skin felt soft and smooth after the mask (I used the new Cannabis Seed Oil one which is good for redness and acne).

Sometimes when you use a sheet mask it can feel quite sticky afterwards, taking ages to rub in the last of the serum. With this, though, it was like the vibrations helped my skin absorb everything without residue.

Is it worth the faff?

This mask was sent to me to review, but I do have to note that it costs £249. You can get the UFO Mini for £159, which is smaller and can be used only with selected masks but otherwise has the same features.

Masks cost around £18.99 for a pack of six.

With that in mind, I still do think it’s worth the faff in the same way an epilator or hair straightener would be. It’s a big outlay, but the results feel nice and it lasts forever.

I’m reluctant to tell anyone to spend lots of money on beauty products, but it does work extremely well once you get past the moat-like app downloading situation.

I keep touching my skin because it truly feels like I’ve had a facial when I just sat in my bathroom and moved a little pink disk around my face.

I’d label the Foreo UFO 2 as one to put on your Christmas list if you’re a skincare obsessive.

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