Is the HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit worth the faff?

These days you can’t scroll through Instagram without coming across a celebrity or reality TV star showing off their pearly whites.

Teeth have become an extremely important part of someone’s image – with bleaching kits all the rage.

Among these items, one particular brand keeps popping up: the HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit.

The product is best known for two things – being a favourite among the Kardashians, and its unusual LED light machine and gum shield, which influencers like to pose with on social media.

But is the hype around HiSmile authentic? We try the kit (once every two weeks for two months) to find out if it’s worth the faff.

Faff involved

The kit arrives with everything you need inside, but the instructions are lacking a bit. So much so, that I had to Google how and where to apply the the whitening gel onto the gum shield, for fear that I’d use it wrong.

The gel – which contains PAP, hydroxyapatite and potassium nitrate – comes in a syringe-like device, where you press out half to use each time, a difficult task as if you push just a little too hard it will squirt all over the place.

Nevertheless, once it was ready, I popped the machine in my mouth and pressed the button on the top.

Then, wait for 10 minutes.

Top tip: don’t lie down when you’re doing using the HiSmile or you risk the gel slipping back into your mouth. I can tell you from experience that this is quite gross.

The formula stings a little too, but it’s worth noting that I have quite sensitive teeth (thanks to grinding at night and copious amounts of coffee and soft drinks on a daily basis).

Once the time is up, the machine will shut itself off. Remove the gum shield, wash it with water and put everything back in the box.

The aftertaste isn’t great, so your mouth out properly.

The results

HiSmile includes a tiny guide of teeth colours from 1 (being the whitest) to 12 (super yellow) and I started on around five or six.

It’s now eight weeks later, and I’m kind of on a four, maybe a three in the right lighting – so it has worked a tiny bit.

But part of me wonders if it’s a placebo effect: are my teeth actually whiter or do I just want them to appear whiter? I can’t tell.

HiSmile also includes its own toothpaste in the package, one for the morning and one for nighttime – but these feel more like a gimmick than anything else (like when shampoo brands insist that you get better results with a matching conditioner).

Is the HiSmile teeth whitening kit worth the faff?

There’s a novelty to using the HiSmile kit; I felt like an influencer with the thing shining in my mouth.

The product, which costs £59.99 (including the machine plus three syringes) is easy to use and gave better results compared to charcoal teeth whitening strips (so messy), gels and coconut toothpastes that I’ve tried in the past.

However, although my teeth are slightly whiter now, which I’m very happy about, the results are only temporary.

It might last if I keep buying the gel for £19.99 each time – but sadly I don’t have the same budget for beauty upkeep as the Kardashians.

Worth the faff? Yes if you have the money to spare, no if your teeth are already semi-white.

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