Jackie Aina Helped MAJORLY Expand Too Faced’s Foundation Shades — And This Is The Result

Slowly, the beauty industry is becoming more and more inclusive. While not there yet, brands appear to be making a concerted effort to diversify. One of the brands doing so is Too Faced. In good news for fans, the Too Faced x Jackie Aina Born This Way collection of foundation shades is here, and you can check them out for yourself.

In case you haven’t been following Aina, Too Faced, or the brand’s founder Jerrod Blandino, you may have missed that the brand and guru teamed up over a year ago to formulate a shade expansion of their hit foundation, Born This Way. Currently, the brand has 24 shades in the foundation, but with Aina’s help, they’ve added 11 new shades to the range resulting in a wide 35 color selection that’ll help you get your perfect match.

As of press time, the new hues of Born This Way by Aina and the brand aren’t available quite yet, but Too Faced did announce that they will be making their debut on June 26. If you want to try out a new deeper shade or even one of their new light to medium hues, make sure you’re shopping the brand that day to get your hands on them.

Just because the 11 new shades aren’t available yet doesn’t mean you can see where they fall in the color spectrum. Too Faced has generously gone ahead and added them to both their brand website and on the Sephora website as well.

If you head over to either of these shopping destinations, you’ll see that some of the foundations are marked as coming soon (on Too Faced) or have been marked with an X over the shade (on Sephora). These are the new shades that are coming from the guru and the brand’s collaboration, and they look like the perfect way to make the product more inclusive.

The brand appears to to be adding six new shades to their deeper shades (where the expansion seemingly needed the most work based on their previous range). These shades include Ganache, Truffle, Sable, Tiramisu, Spiced Rum, and Chai. The brand also added shades Butter Pecan and Brulee to their rich tan line-up. Finally, Praline, Seashell, and Cloud were added to their medium, light, and fair line-up respectively.

The new Born This Way shades aren’t the only new products the brand is launching, though. Earlier this month, Too Faced announced their new Born This Way Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer. The full-coverage product is designed to be used in many different ways (which is obvious from the name) including concealing, highlighting, and contouring the face. As for its shade range, it’s debuting with a full line-up of 20 different hues. Pretty great, right?

The new Born This Way Foundation shade launch is schedule for June 26, and it comes on the heels of other major beauty brands diversifying their shade ranges as well. ColourPop Cosmetics recently debuted their new No Filter Foundation which comes in 42 shades, and Covergirl launched their TruBlend Matte Made Foundation which has 40 shades total. Clearly, the beauty industry is moving forward toward inclusivity, and it’s honestly a great time to be a beauty junkie.

If you want to shop Aina and Too Faced’s expanded shades in the Born This Way Foundation, get ready because they’re coming at you fast. After several months of teasing and an announcement that happened over a year ago, fans will probably be scrambling to try out these new hues. Mark your calendar for June 26 and get ready to have seriously flawless, Jackie Aina approved skin.

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