Jennifer Lopez & Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Workouts — How To Tone Your Booty Fast

Everyone wants a toned, tight booty for summer, and Kim and J-Lo know a thing or two about looking lean and healthy! Copy their fave workouts below.

Both Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are known for their sexy bootys, and thanks to social media, they are revealing the workouts that keep them in tip top shape. Kim shared her butt workout on June 25, designed by trainer Amanda Lee. She did a HIIT interval to get maximum fat-burning benefits. For one move, she was on all fours, and lifted one leg up and back. Repeat at least 10 times and then switch legs. This really burns! She also did box jumps, which you can do on a couch or just about anything you have at home. She also did squats with a 180 degree turn after each squat. Finally, she did arm rows while squatting — this works your butt and arms at the same time!

Jennifer loves this move invented by her trainer David Kirsch. He told us what to do: “Platypus walks –This is one of my favorite signature moves. You may look and feel silly while doing it, but if you nail the form, you will target your inner thighs and the lower half of your butt. Start in a plié squat position with your hands on your hips and your thighs parallel to the floor.”

David explains: “Stay engaged in the plié squat as you waddle forward, stepping the left foot in front of the right, then the right foot in front of the left. Keep your knees out and aligned with your toes, your weight on your heels, and your butt sticking down and out throughout the exercise. Take five total steps forward, then reverse. That’s one rep. Repeat five times.” See sexy pics of Jennifer in workout wear in the gallery attached above!

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