John Cena Majorly Mocked After He Debuts Longer Hairstyle: It’s ‘Midlife Crisis Hair’

People have a LOT to say about John Cena’s new ‘do! The WWE star debuted his longer locks at the Super Show-Down in Australia over the weekend, and fans are not feelin’ it. See the reactions here!

Everybody needs a change every once in a while….right? Fans were absolutely shocked when John Cena showed up to the WWE Super Show-Down Live Event in Australia with much longer hair on Oct. 6, and they did not hold back from commenting about it on Twitter. Many joked that John must be going through his “midlife crisis” since splitting with Nikki Bella, which must be the reason for the bizarre ‘do. Others simply mocked the look, with a hilarious meme comparing him to Homer Simpson with a combover going viral.

“‘See Nikki, I can change. My hair says it all’ – What John Cena probably wanted to say,” one fan joked on Twitter, referencing John and Nikki’s differences over starting a family, which eventually took a toll on their relationship. Another fan wrote, “John Cena cut your damn hair you look like a grown Oliver Twist.” The responses were pretty savage, but John seems to be taking it in stride — he even re-posted the Homer Simpson meme to his Instagram account to poke fun at himself

Interestingly, Nikki was also in Australia for the WWE event, and as you can imagine, it wasn’t easy for the exes to avoid each other. Instead of making things awkward, though, they met up for an outing at a mall in Melbourne, and a fan snapped a photo of them walking side by side.

John and Nikki broke up for the third time in July. Even after he agreed to have a kid with her, Nikki was worried that she and John would spend their whole lives resenting each other, and decided it would not work out in the long run. However, we’ve seen them get back together before, so we certainly won’t be counting them out for good!

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