Khloe Kardashian — 13 Dieting Tips She’s Following To Lose The Baby Weight

Khloe has already bounced back after having her baby True, but now, she’s sharing the diet secrets that are helping her lose weight this summer!

Khloe Kardashian, 33, has always been amazing in our eyes, but she is determined to shed the weight she gained while pregnant with her baby True so she can be the ultimate fit mom. Khloe wrote on her blog, “My nutritionist, Dr. Goglia, is my savior. He’s provided me so many tools to live a healthier (and happier!) life. He’s not about fad diets or the latest crazes, just a healthy and nutritious diet. Below, he shares 13 quick-and-easy tips to live by.” Be sure to subscribe for a ton more fitness and diet content! For now, read Khloe’s diet tips below!

“1. Water runs the show. You should be drinking ½ to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight every day.
2. Stay away from multi-ingredient starches like bread.
3. Use fatty fish as a dinner protein. It’s meant to aid with sleep.
4. Eat single-ingredient starches like potatoes and rice as an energy source for breakfast and lunch.”

“5. No starch at dinner! Stick to protein and vegetables.
6. Consume one portion of fruit (either a cup of berries or a whole fruit) after dinner to promote deep sleep.
7. Always make dark-green vegetables a part of your lunch and dinner.
8. Always consume at least one mid-morning snack and one or two afternoon snacks.”

“9. Eat slowly, until you’re full but not stuffed! Don’t skip meals. Don’t let yourself get hungry — ever.
10. Try to eat your meals in order.
11. Remember that protein repairs muscle, while carbohydrates provide an energy source.
12. Use dry seasonings and rubs to create different flavors.
13. Don’t rely on vitamins to fill a nutritional gap in your diet. Vitamins won’t fix a pizza!”

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