Kim K. Just Teased Her Next Beauty Product & It’s SO Wanted

Kim Kardashian is known for her nudes. No, not those nudes (but a case could be made). She’s known for her KKW Beauty nude lipsticks. In fact, Kardashian has basically become the go to member of the beauty-loving Kardashian-Jenner clan for the perfect nude lip. While Kylie Jenner and her eponymous cosmetics line has her own set, it’s her sister Kardashian who has made it a total staple. Is there more to come from KKW Beauty, though? The nude lip loving, bronze goddess that is Kim Kardashian dropped a hint.

On Thursday, Kardashian was engaging with fans on Twitter when she retweeted a question regarding whether or not the brand could branch out from nudes and created colored lipsticks like red or browns. Kardashian’s response? That those lippies are coming to KKW Beauty soon! If you just don’t think nudes look great on you (like the user who asked Kardashian about new hues), then rejoice! KKW Beauty colorful lipsticks seem to be well on their way.

As of press time, however, Kardashian hasn’t dropped any more hints about what colors are coming or when they could be launching. Don’t worry too much, though. As a social media and e-retail business, the internet will be the first to know when it happens.

While nudes may be her staple, Kardashian isn’t just able to do one thing. While yes, she’s got that nude lipstick and liner thing down, the brand has actually already debuted some more colorfully pigmented options just a few weeks ago.

The KKW Beauty Peach Creme lipsticks and lip liners marked a departure for the brand. While yes, of course, two of the shades in the collection were peach-toned nudes, two of the others had markedly brighter hues. The lipsticks in Peach 3 and Peach 4 were both non-nude hues in a beautiful coral and a deep red. Clearly, Kardashian already has a bit of experience working with color.

While these may be two of the only shades of lipstick with bolder hues from the brand, it’s not like they don’t know how to innovate and create new products. In fact, the KKW Beauty expansion has been incredibly impressive.

When the brand initially launched, it did so with only one product: a contour kit. It was the perfect choice for Kardashian given the way she put the technique on the mainstream beauty map. Now, just a little over a year later, KKW Beauty has created two collaborations (one with Kardashian’s long-time makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic), eyeshadow palettes, cream as well as powder contours, concealers, and more. New lip shades should be a breeze for this brand.

While Kardashian nor KKW Beauty have revealed when new lipstick colors are coming, the KKW mogul’s tease is enough to let her fans know that new things are on the way for her brand. You know what that means? Pay close attention to Kardashian’s makeup during appearances. She’s got a track record of wearing her products before they launch. Fans are sure to be watching, and they’re bound to be scrambling for whats to come next.

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