KKW Beauty Is Releasing Bold AF Shadow Sticks & They’re Your New Summer Must-Have

Kim Kardashian West is not messing around with KKW Beauty’s product assortment. She is dropping the KKW x Argenis Creme Color Sticks on April 23, at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT via her brand’s site. She revealed the news via social media and fans are already in a frenzy over these smoky eye sticks. Argenis Pinal is the winner of the Kardashian-produced Glam Masters reality show, where one of the prizes was a KKW Beauty launch. These creamy, dreamy eyeshadow sticks are their collab.

Some of these colors do indeed look like creamy, bendable, and easy-to-apply stick versions of some of the shades that comprise Kardashian’s recent palette with longtime makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. But that’s not a bad thing — at all. It’s just semi-familiar colors taking on a new form.

There’s a peachy copper, a charcoal black, a sandy gold, an eggplant, and turquoise color. The come in matte and shimmer textures. It’s like a beach come to life — but on your lids.

In one of the captions, the brand states that the sticks, which are packaged in a sleek black pens, are designed to smoke, sculpt, and line the eyes. You can layer several swipes on the lid and build intensity for a smoky eye.

Or you can use them to rim the upper lashline or lower waterline. Or you can pop them in the inner corners for some unexpected "POW!" Your choice, of course.

Eyeshadow sticks such as this are super totable and easy to travel with. That makes them a summer essential, since you are always on the go or getting away for festivals or weekend road trips. The last thing you need to do is pack a bunch of brushes and individual shadow pots or even palettes. These babies will travel efficiently.

But let’s talk about that pigment evident in these swatches. These babies are so rich. You can apply them directly to primer-prepped lids and then use a brush to blend and diffuse color. You can also swipe a brush over the tip and then apply with that brush and buff color out with another.

You can also apply color directly to the lid and use fingers to blend. Or you can apply with fingers and let the color melt into lids as a base for other powder shadows. These sticks are incredibly versatile.

Peshosa is a metallic copper.

Dramatico is a matte black. Hello, summery smoky peepers.

Genis is a matte turquoise and adds a little oceanic mystique to your eye makeup look.

Comiic King is a metallic, light gold that looks like sand.

This is Muyor, a matte burgundy and a beauty.

OMG, check out the always amazing and pink-coiffed Kandee Johnson do Kardashian’s makeup with the sticks. Tips, tips, tips!

The Creme Color Sticks are available as singles for $18 a piece. Get ’em before they are gone.

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