Lush Sold 12,000 Shampoo Bars in 48 Hours For The Best Reason

Lush Sold 12,000 Shampoo Bars in 48 Hours For The Best Reason

Plastic waste is a serious environmental problem, and sadly, our love of beauty products can be part of the problem. All those empties pile up, and it’s no longer enough to just recycle and reuse. We need to drastically cut back on our reliance on plastic packaging.

A recent video featuring Lush’s shampoo bars raised awareness of one simple way to reduce the number of bottles you have on your bathroom shelf. These bars last as long as three bottles of regular shampoo and can be sold without any packaging at all (though you can buy a cute reusable storage tin). Sales skyrocketed when the video went viral and people realized how convenient and economical they are. In fact, the brand reports that 12,000 were sold in a 48-hour period after the video took off.


Shower Time Just Got a Lot More Fun With This DIY Shampoo Bar

Now, if you’re looking at them and thinking “isn’t that just soap?” I don’t blame you. But though they may look (and work) like soap, they’re so much more. I’ve been using these bars on and off for years, and I’ve always loved the results, not to mention the fact they’re so long-lasting (and great for travel). If you look closely at a bar, you’ll see little white “sprinkles” — that’s the cleansing agent that washes your hair. The stuff around that is what treats specific hair types (like sea salt to add volume, or natural oils or butters to add shine). There are specific bars formulated for all kinds of concerns including itchy scalp, oiliness, dandruff, and even thinning hair. I have dry, thick hair, so I love the softness that the pink bar, Jason and the Argan Oil, gives me, though it is so loaded with moisturizers that it has a tendency to go soft in high temperatures. The 2-in-1 bar, Godiva, also comes with a “melt” warning, so these two are best kept in the refrigerator during warm weather. These shampoo bars can be used on their own as many of them contain softening and moisturizing ingredients, but if you need the extra boost of a conditioner, Lush makes solid conditioners too (Jungle gets my seal of approval). Keep reading to see the full range, and shop the right one for your hair type.

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