Makeup artist's fake tan fail made friends think she'd been kidnapped

We’ve all had a beauty fail in our day, but few prompt such serious concern from our pals as that caused by Lucy Regler’s mishap.

Lucy, 21, had a fake tan fail so bad her friends thought she’d been kidnapped – as her dark orange hand looked like it belonged to someone else.

Makeup artist Lucy had layered on self tan mousse but forgot to exfoliate and moisturise. The next day she woke up with dark orange hands and a patchy glow on the rest of her body.

She snapped a photo of her mismatched hand on her face, prompting people to think she’d been kidnapped.

Alongside hands that didn’t look like they belonged to her, Lucy’s fake tan gone wrong also left her with white streaks on her chest, armpits, and legs, and turned her feet two different colours.

She blames her mess-up on using the ‘wrong side of the tanning mitt’.

Lucy said: ‘It looks absolutely vile. When my mother saw me she just went “what the f*** have you done?”.

‘My legs turned out really well but my hands made people make comments like, “I thought someone else was grabbing you”.

‘They were like “I thought you were being kidnapped, you could’ve got away with that”.

‘My neck made it look like I had a beard because I had only done the tan up to a certain point on my face. It was just shocking. I’ve learned my lesson.

‘My nails have gone a funny colour from the tan. Where I had nails on I have strips of brown through my nails. I would die if anyone thought it was dirt.’

The makeup artist, who also works at McDonald’s had previously used tan wipes.

She applied her first layer of mousse on a Friday evening, but was disappointed by the colour – so smothered on two more layers the next day as well as six pumps of mousse on to her hands.

‘I wanted a fake tan because I was going to a really posh event. I’m really not posh, so I was like I’ll have a tan, I’ll look really skinny with my tan,’ explained Lucy.

‘I did it on the Saturday night the day before the event. I did one coat on the Friday and I was thinking it didn’t even look like I had fake tan on. It just faded into my legs.

‘But I didn’t know that you had to exfoliate and moisturise, and I used the wrong side of the mitt as well.

‘So I was chucking the layers on, it wasn’t making much difference so I thought I’d keep going.

‘My hands just weren’t taking it so I pumped about six pumps [of the mousse] and literally lathered my hands with it.

‘I just cried the next morning. I wanted to cry. Compared to the rest of my body it was diabolical.

‘The event was really posh. They were drinking their champagne while I was drinking my WKD. I wanted to look all smart. But I didn’t look smart, not with the bad hands and bad ankles.

‘I had to use a darker foundation, but it didn’t look too bad. My body felt orange but my face was the only pale thing about me to be honest.’

Lucy doesn’t plan to attempt a DIY fake tan again. Probably wise.

‘I think I’ll have a spray tan from now on,’ she said. ‘I don’t want to risk it. I’m just going to let an expert do it next time.

‘It’s weird how the tan comes off in the most unconventional ways. I’ve got big tits and I’ve got a big massive mark from my arms, from the corner of them.

‘They’re all white. I’ve got marks in my armpits. I’ve got strap marks from where I’ve had my bra on. My feet look like my feet are two different colours. I’ve never seen anything like it.

‘I’ve scrubbed, I’ve itched and everything, I’ve used a skin peeler and it didn’t work. I haven’t got any lemons. It’s just waiting for it to fade. It’s just not coming off.

‘The legs aren’t too bad – although I’ve just noticed another patch on the back of my legs. It’s awful.

‘There won’t be a next time. Not for myself, anyway. Just don’t ever, ever fake tan. Just don’t do it.

‘Leave it in the bottle and stay pale all your life. It’s not worth the hassle of everybody’s laughter and trying to get the fake tan off.’

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