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Even though they can be a lot to handle sometimes, moms are always there when we need ’em. We love them, we trust them and that’s why we have to show them how much we care by getting them a gift they’ll absolutely love this Mother’s Day.

LBR, shopping for the perfect Mother’s Day present can be hard. She’ll love whatever you get her because it came from you, of course, but we always strive to get our moms something they can actually use and will actually like. This year, we’re thinking beauty products are the way to go.

If you want to get your mom some new makeup or skincare items but have no idea what she’d like, have no fear! We’ve got a long list of beauty products she never knew she needed, and they all make for an amazing Mother’s Day gift. Whether you snag just one of these or a bunch, mom will be ranting and raving about these items for years to come. Well, what are you waiting for? Check ’em out:

On-the-Go Makeup Kit, $39

One thing about moms is that they’re always on the go. Whether they’re at work or running errands, they hardly have any time at all to pack up their favorite makeup items and touch up throughout the day. That’s why we suggest buying them this on-the-go makeup kit for Mother’s Day!

This travel bag comes complete with all of the essentials: mascara, lipstick and blush. Now, whenever and wherever she needs to fix up her makeup, she’ll have an emergency beauty kit on hand all thanks to you. You’re welcome!

Lush Incredible Mom Bath Bomb, $6

All moms deserve some time to relax and unwind, and thanks to Lush’s new Mother’s Day bath bombs, they can now do it in style. Specifically made for moms like yours in mind, these “Incredible Mom” bath bombs not only smell amazing and feel great on the skin, but they’ll also show her that you think she’s a superhero.

The best part about this product is that it’ll only cost you about six bucks. Therefore, if you’re planning on giving her a gift basket full of items you know she’ll love, this bath bomb makes the perfect addition.

Murad Radiant Skin Set, $59

One of the major concerns moms always have is maintaining their youth, and although we think they look beautiful all of the time, it’s not a bad idea to get them a skincare set that will give them the youthful glow they’ve been wanting.

This set by Murad is the perfect collection of products to rejuvenate their skin as they age. Plus, all of the cleansers and serums recommended by doctors, which means she’ll be able to trust ’em wholeheartedly. Go for it!

Caj Beauty Volumizing Dryer Brush, $150

Every single day, moms wake up early to get a jump start on all of the tasks they have to get done. That being said, your mom would love any product that saves her some time, and this volumizing dryer brush is just the thing!

Instead of styling her hair in the time-consuming way she normally does, this brush removes an entire step because it’s a brush and a blow dryer all in one. Not only will her hair look as fabulous as ever, but it’ll take her roughly half the amount of time to do it. Trust us… she’ll be hooked instantly.

Borghese Radiante Revitalize & Firm Mask, $50

As we mentioned before, moms are always looking for new ways to keep their skin firm and youthful, so how about a face mask? They are all the rage recently, so not only will you be getting your mom in on the trend, but she’ll literally be glowing, too, which is always a plus.

According to the product description, this Borghese Radiante Revitalize and Firm Mask will “soothe, hydrate and tighten” skin. It also comes in a shining and shimmering shade of gold, so if you and mom use it together, it’ll make for an amazing mother-daughter Instagram photo. So cute!

Quip Electric Brush Set, $55

When we think about beauty, we don’t automatically think of dental hygiene. But this Mother’s Day, we can’t think of a better present for your mom that this Quip Electric Brush set to keep her teeth pearly white.

While this brush set may be on the pricier side for a toothbrush, it’ll be amazing for your mom’s dental health. Not only does it look like the coolest one she’ll ever own, but it’ll vibrate every 30 seconds to remind her to switch positions. AMAZING!

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye, $110

Moms are always concerned about the dark circles under their eyes, and even though we don’t always see ’em, that doesn’t mean the most important woman in your life wouldn’t totally appreciate some eye cream to brighten up the area under the eyes a bit.

If you’re willing to splurge, we highly recommend this Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye cream. It’ll feel super refreshing on the skin and it’ll also make the bags under your mom’s eyes magically disappear. What a game-changer!

Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette, $19

If your mom is one of those people who prefers to stick to neutral colors when it comes to her makeup, one of Urban Decay’s Naked eyeshadow is one palette that she will always reach for.

While Urban Decay offers a bunch of different Naked palettes, this small one that includes only the basics will be perfect for your mom. Then, if she decides she loves them all, you can get her one of the bigger palettes the next time you have to get her a gift! How perfect is that?

Jo Malone Perfume, $65-$135

If you know what kinds of scents your mom typically goes for, you should definitely get her this Jo Malone perfume, which comes in a variety of different scents. Whether she’s into floral or fruity smells, there’s definitely a fragrance she’s bound to love.

Once you pick out the right scent, you can either opt for a small or large bottle, depending on how much you’re looking to spend. While the small is $65, the large will set you back $135. But if you really think she’ll love it, it might be worth it. Plus, it’ll last longer!

MILK Makeup B.O.S.S. Skincare Set, $49

When it comes down to it, your mom is the boss, so why not get her a gift this Mother’s Day that just further proves what a boss she truly is? Luckily, we’ve got the perfect thing and it’s this B.O.S.S. Skincare Set, courtesy of MILK makeup.

This set includes watermelon serum, cooling water, matcha toner and matcha cleaner, so your mom will feel fresher than ever. If you’re lucky, maybe she’ll even share it with you, which is all the more reason to make this purchase ASAP.

Peter Thomas Roth Mask Set, $25

As we mentioned earlier, face masks have become one of the most popular beauty trends in recent years, and this Mother’s Day, you have the power to get your mom in on the trend, thanks to this Peter Thomas Roth mask set.

This one set includes six different types of masks in six vibrant colors, each of which has a different function. Whether your mom is looking to hydrate, repair, lift or firm, she’ll definitely find a mask in this collection that’ll do the trick.

Complexion Goals Brush Set, $25

No list of beauty products is ever complete without a brush set and this one by Morphe couldn’t be better for your mom when the big day — Mother’s Day — rolls around.

Complete with an adorable rose gold makeup case, these matching brushes will help give your mom the full coverage she’s been wanting. The set includes an angle brush, a buffer brush, a fan brush, a contour brush and a powder brush. What more could she need?

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with aloe, chamomile and lavender, $7

Any beauty product you can get mom that relieves stress will make her feel like you really, truly care. If you ask us, this aloe, chamomile and lavender facial spray will be perfect, but NGL, we’re totally obsessed with all of Mario Badescu’s products.

With this facial spray, your mom will feel calm and refreshed on the inside, and according to the products description, she’ll look “balanced and bright” on the outside! It’s a win-win situation!

NYX Love You So Mochi Highlighting Palette, $30

Unfortunately, some moms just don’t know the importance of highlighting their cheekbones, but consider this Mother’s Day an opportunity to introduce your mom to beautiful and bright world of highlighter. This NYX palette would be perfect because it comes with three different shades for her to choose from, just in case she finds she likes one over the other.

What also makes this highlighter trio super cute is that it’s called the “Love You So Mochi” palette. Although it’s called that because its texture is compared to the Japanese treat, we can’t really think of a better way to tell your Mom you love her than by gifting her this shimmery product that she’s bound to fall in love with. We know we have!

Best Mom Ever Gift Set, $24.50

Last, but certainly not least, you simply can’t go wrong with a gift set from Bath & Body Works made specifically with Mother’s Day in mind. This “Best Mom Ever” gift set includes a coin purse, body lotion, fine fragrance mist and a bath fizzy, all in a Japanese Cherry Blossom scent.

The truth of the matter is, this gift set includes all of the things your mom will always need, so why not get her something she can use? Plus, it couldn’t be any more on-theme for the upcoming holiday. You truly can’t go wrong!

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