Mum wears X-rated upside down bikini in hilarious parody

Upside down bikinis are one of the sexiest swimwear trends of the moment.

The look, which was sparked by Italian model Valentina Fradegrada, first went viral last year.

It involves tying the halter neck straps across your chest, lifting the breasts and exposing a little underboob.

While the style seems to be popular among Instagram stars, some have questioned what they’d look like on everyday women.

So what happened when a mum tried out the craze?

Blogger Laura, who posts using the username Knee Deep in Life, decided to try out the saucy craze.

After being inundated with requests from her 530,000 followers, she created her own version of the upside down bikini.

Amusingly, she fashioned some bikini bottoms out of a bin bag.

She used the same liner to wrap around her breasts, creating the cleavage-boosting effect the swimwear style allows for.

The mum placed her realistic photo next to a snap of trendsetter Valentina Fradegrada.

She captioned the side-splitting comparison: “Google goals… tan lines.

“When you want to focus on keeping the tan even, but you’ve had two kids and you’ve hit your 30s hard so your t**s look a lot like spaniels ears with saucepan areolas that sat on the hob for 40 minutes.

“I was smuggling bin bag up my crack as I swallowed.

“I had every intention of smiling but turns out clenching and looking sexy isn’t as easy as it looks.”

The post has gone down a treat with Laura’s followers, racking up 14,000 likes in less than 24 hours.

Many also took the time to leave a comment, with many branding the mum “hilarious”.

One responder wrote: “Laura please never change, I love how you put fingers up to the world.

“Society tries to put us in a box, you crush the box and throw it out.”

Another remarked: “OMG you are comical. Even on my s******* days you make me smile.”

A third admitted: “I literally just choked and snorted at the same time. Love love love it.”

It’s not the first time Laura has tried out bizarre fashion trends.

Earlier this year, the mum rocked a crotch-skimming bikini.

She also got Facebook users laughing when she tried on her version of Kim Kardashian’s X-rated dress.

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