This New Lush Shower Jelly Puts Me Right to Sleep — Even After Scary Episodes of Evil Genius

After 10 years of roommates, I put my big-girl pants on and moved to my very first studio apartment. The transition has been everything I’d hoped it to be and more — I love walking around naked and peeing with the door open whenever I want. The only snag in my party of one? Going to bed alone, especially after watching a creepy-crawly episode of Evil Genius.

Luckily, as I gossiped about zaddies with a Lush PR rep over pizza one afternoon, he was kind enough to slip me a little something-something that promised to help take the edge off. Much like its older sister, Sleepy Lotion, the new Deep Sleep Shower Jelly is packed with natural goodies that promise to help you de-stress and hit the hay. As my friend put it, “HONEY, WHERE WAS THIS PRODUCT WHEN I WAS STUDYING FOR FINALS IN HIGH SCHOOL?!”

I was almost running out of under-eye concealer from slathering it on after tossing and turning all night, so I decided to give the product a go. It’s packed with blue chamomile and lavender oil, two things that tote impressive properties to help you relax and get some shut-eye.

Perhaps you’ve sipped chamomile tea before bed to help you loosen up, as the plant increases glycin levels. Lavender, meanwhile, is a soothing oil that can unclog even the most congested, true-crime-addled minds. Along with its pedigree of ingredients, the Shower Jelly is just super fun to play with. It’s made with jiggly carrageenan seaweed, which makes it bouncy and Instagram-able, should you choose to indulge in viral humble brags.

The first night I showered with Deep Sleep, I snored through my neighbor’s . . . tap-dancing practice? Honestly, I don’t know what Hector does next door, but the point is it’s loud, distracting, and no match for this jelly. Lavender-lovers, this one’s for you, because the pungent fragrance totally engulfs your shower and turns it into an essential-oil sauna.

Full disclosure: I love Lush’s physical products but sometimes can get turned off by the out-there scents. This didn’t happen with Deep Sleep. The whiffs are nothing but relaxing and will make you feel like you just cashed in the spa gift certificate you’re way too busy to actually use.

Deep Sleep ($7) launches today in stores and on Lush’s website.

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